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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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(H:)ow is this going to work?

It’s the end of a file storing era at Old Dominion University.

Monarchs are transitioning from using the (H:) Drive for student storage to a Google based storage system known as Google Drive.

The (H:) Drive has been the tried and true destination that ODU has used for student file storage on school computers. However, nothing can be saved to the (H:) Drive any longer. Files already stored there are still accessible but only until December 18, 2013.

On Dec. 18 when the (H:) will be removed from ODU’s network and will neither be available to students via a Local Area Network connection or remotely.

Students are expected to transfer files from their personal (H:) drives to the new system by Dec. 18, the school will not be transferring the files for students.

The new system relies on Google Drive. The system comes with many benefits, including universal access so long as there is an internet connection, five gigabytes of cloud storage as opposed to the paltry 250 megabytes available on (H:) Drive, and the built in capability to share files with other Google users over the internet.

The cloud based storage system may be useful in times where a flash drive is lost or stolen, “I would much rather download my file from the cloud or transfer it to my teacher for a presentation than have it on a thumb drive where I can lose it,” said Larry Chapman, an ODU student who has had this happen a number of times.

Installing the portal for Google Drive is as easy as logging into the ODU Gmail account provided by the school, selecting the apps link in the top right corner, and selecting the google drive link in that menu.

Once installed, students can log into google drive with their Midas ID. Once this is done, students can simply copy and paste files from the (H:) Drive to Google Drive, completing the transfer process.

All information regarding the transfer to Google Drive from the current (H:) Drive location can be found at this link:

The process has been completed by two Mace& Crown editors and while not entirely self-explanatory, the process was painless and completely do-able by even the computer-illiterate. However, students seeking help with the file transfer can approach Information Technology Services for assistance.

By Sean Burke