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Mace & Crown | March 22, 2018

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Blend of East and South Asian Culture Wows Crowd

Blend of East and South Asian Culture Wows Crowd

What do you get when you cross the elegance of East Asian theater with the bubbly songs of South Asia? Jhoom!

Feb. 15’s Jhoom Culture Show, presented by the Asian Pacific American Student Union in cooperation with the ODU Office of Intercultural Relations at the University Theater, was a pleasant blend of themes from modern films such as the Hunger Games and an age-old Bollywood-type love story.

The love story revolved around characters Kunal and Sam, a team who after two years since their last fiasco, have been recruited by the Secret Service to take down the very dangerous, Don Pappu. In the midst of mission, Kunal, is searching for a perfect suitor for his daughter, Simran. He met with four gentlemen who had to complete a variety of tasks in a obstacle course-type competition.

As the plotline progressed, the audience reacted to the performance with giggling and tittering at the flirtatious characters in the production.

Between scenes, MCs An Pham & Christine Gausin gave away promotional materials from the evening’s events as raffle items. At one point in the performance, Dominique Grayer, president of ODU’s comedy club, Stand Up Monarchs, took the stage to do what he does best – tell jokes.

Nicky Ong, a freshman engineering sciences major, said that he decided to get on board with the performance because “it’s a great way to meet people and I just love the new experiences and making memories with new people.”

The audience will surely be on the edge of their seats awaiting the announcement of the sequel to Jhoom in upcoming years.

By Jason Kazi

Advertising Director