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Mace and Crown | May 20, 2018

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NAACP 2nd Annual Image Awards

NAACP 2nd Annual Image Awards

Students were recognized for their outstanding academic accomplishments at the NAACP’s 2nd annual image awards. Arranged to pay homage and respect to pioneering scholars and organization leaders, the ceremony was held on Wednesday, March 26, in the Big Blue Room of the Ted Constant Center.  

The ceremony began with a singing of the Black National Anthem; a harmonic trio paid
Tribute to the historical struggle and simultaneous progress of Africans in America.

Kisha Jester, a junior majoring in psychology, seems to know the remedy.  Winner of the “Junior of the Year” award, she currently holds a 3.4 GPA.  In addition to fabulous grades, she is also actively involved in her community.  

As vice president of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc., peer mentor and academic coach for the student success center, Jester seems to be the quintessential “super-woman.”

“I’m very thankful for events like this one, it inspires students and shows them their work is not done in vain,” she said.

The Tau Lambda Chapter of ODU’s Omega Psi Phi Inc. was awarded fraternity of the year. 

The brothers had one of the highest male-frat GPA’s on the campus.  DeAndre Carswell, a Senior, is the current president.  A newcomer to the fraternity, Carswell joined in spring of 2013; his tremendous dedications to the organization and the campus communities are part of what he refers to as “lifting as you climb.”

“Anytime you reach a comfortable level of success, it’s always a good thing to turn around the help others to succeed, ” he said.

Carswell is currently studying industrial technology, with hopes of entering the engineering field.
He has plans with NASA for an internship in the summer of 2014.

Angel Rowe is president of the NAACP at ODU. She finds it very important for young, black students to share their positivity across campus.  One of her favorite facets of the organization is the annually held Image Awards.  “It’s always great to pay recognition to the students who many not receive the notoriety they deserve for what they’ve achieved,” she said.

Row is also part of an organization called “Care Now”.  It provides food and after school programs for underprivileged youth.

Although not in attendance to accept the honor, Professor Maurice Seaton and Dr. Kideste Wilder-Bonner were awarded professors of the year.

This event was hosted to recognize the astounding achievements of ODU’s minority population. They have set the shining marker for continual leadership and success in the campus community and for that ODU remains proud.

By David Baah

Staff Writer