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Mace & Crown | March 22, 2018

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Nonstop Feeling East Coast Tour Hits Shaka’s

Nonstop Feeling East Coast Tour Hits Shaka’s

By: Nicholas Rayfield
Staff Writer  

Baltimore-based Turnstile will take the stage at Shaka’s in Virginia Beach on Thursday, Feb. 12 to begin their 10-day East Coast run in support of their first full-length record, “Nonstop Feeling,” available now via Reaper Records.

“We are very excited to come back to Virginia Beach,” said Daniel Fang, drummer of Turnstile. “[The response has been] shockingly and overwhelmingly positive. “Nonstop Feeling” has some elements that people seem to consider a little different from the traditional ‘hardcore’ sound. What came out was the sound we liked and we are pleased to know that a lot of kids dig it.”

With the release of their first LP this past January, Turnstile set the bar high. They’ve woven together the styles of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine into something that they can proudly call their own.  

Joining them on this run will be Doylestown, Pa.’s Superheaven, the grunge quintet formerly known as Daylight, to bring some variation to the lineup. They aren’t quite the band that most would picture touring alongside of Turnstile, however, people have been constantly talking about how excited they are about the blend of genres since the first announcement of the tour.



Not often enough are bands able to be a part of mixed-genre tours such as this. Popular opinion has unfortunately pushed bands that are sonically different away from one another.

“We are thrilled to do a mixed-genre tour like this one because we couldn’t ask for anything better,” Fang said. “In musical subcultures, bands tend to become woefully compartmentalized based on aesthetic or nuances in sound for no good reason. Although the bands on this tour might sound a little different from each other, they are all going to be in the same room for the same reasons. I hope that everyone who comes out enjoys every band, and if not, I hope they at least discover something new.”

Superheaven will bring a new element into the mix with their distinguishably harsh, fuzzy guitar tones and their influences from bands like Seaweed and Alice in Chains. 

The band also announced recently that they were finished recording their sophomore LP with Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, Pa.  

Filling in the remaining two spots of the Nonstop Feeling East Coast run will be two of the most up-and-coming Detroit hardcore punk bands, Freedom and True Love.

“The Virginia Beach hardcore scene is a bit of a mystery to us,” said Freedom drummer, Jake Duhaime. “There is a lot of anticipation to see what happens. Plus, maybe we can go swimming… I’m currently in the midst of a snowstorm!”

Freedom gained their share of well-deserved recognition last year and there is a whole lot more in store for them in 2015. The band left its fans with plenty to look forward to with their recent announcement of an LP and a repressing of their last 7-inch record, “Pay the Price,” both available this year via Triple B Records.

Topping this tour off are fast and aggressive heavy hitters, True Love, who will be playing songs in the vein of “Right Brigade” and “Count Me Out.”

“True Love is comprised of our best friends,” Duhaime said. “We’ve been side by side since the start. We fill in for each other and even share a member. I’m excited for them to be able to do this. It’s going to be nine idiots rolling through town in some rented piece of s—.”

The band’s 2014 release of their first LP, “New Young Gods,” caught the attention of many new ears with their most recent tour with Citizen. This tour will undoubtedly be a great one for them and most definitely one for the books.  

Opening the show will be Virginia Beach’s Paper Trail. Advance tickets are available through InTicketing, Seaside Raw Bar or Paper Trail.