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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Recyclemania Returns to ODU

By Sara Fernandez and Brianna Lewis
Contributing writers

ODU is once again competing in a challenge called Recyclemania, a student participation recycling competition between colleges and universities in North America and Canada.

Over an eight-week period colleges are going to be reporting weekly recycling waste reduction to see which universities can collect the largest amount of recyclables. With each week rankings will be posted from all participating schools on so students can see how ODU fares against competitors. The 2015 Recyclemania goal for ODU is an amount of 250,000 pounds of sorted and properly recycled products. All volunteers are trying to connect with the students by having assessable and mobile stations throughout campus. There will be volunteers at each station giving out information about fun ways to volunteer for the eight-week event. According the Recyclemania website, in 2014 ODU placed 180 out of 338 schools with 8.867 pounds-per-capita recycled. Facilities management and Recyclemania volunteers collected of 198,463 pounds of recyclables. At ODU, Recyclemania is mainly focused on getting the message across wherever it can be received. The leader of ODU’s recycling program is Harvey Logan, who works with Facilities Management as the manager of Support Services and Recycling. Logan oversees the various activities and student veered stations that will be set up around campus. In an interview, Logan explained that the entire reason they will dedicate their time and man power is to impact thousands of students in order to keep the ball rolling by spreading the word about recycling. “All of this is to help be part of a noble deed…to bleed blue,” Logan said.

Throughout the competition various stations across campus will be giving out information about where ODU stands in the Recyclemania competition. Students can ask any volunteer about the school’s ranking and improvement week by week, as well as checking out the Recyclemania website, for more information.

Besides being an attempt at raising school spirit and awareness for recycling habits, Recyclemania is also providing opportunities for volunteers for community service hours. If students want to do more than just talk about recycling then they could consider being a Recoverable Resources Recycling Volunteer by filling out a volunteer request form.

Starting soon students will begin seeing stations put up in the Webb Center and at baseball and basketball games, as well as other major events.

The Recyclemania mission is to spread the word and set an example to other students to create a more environmentally friendly campus. With each passing week the Recyclemania team will work with students to improve recycling habits and increase the active participation throughout campus.