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Mace and Crown | May 20, 2018

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Snapsolve Eases Homework Woes

Snapsolve Eases Homework Woes

By Rashad McDowell

Technology Editor

Difficult homework assignments, meet your match. On April 14, the creators of StudyRoom, the world’s largest social network of college students collaborating on assignments and tutoring, released a new app called Snapsolve. As Emerson Malca, co-founder and CEO of StudyRoom, reiterated several times in an interview, Snapsolve is designed to provide on demand help to anyone who needs it.

Snapsolve is designed to allow users to find near instant help with homework assignments. This is achieved by taking a picture or by typing a question in manually.

The moment the app is opened, it asks for permission to use the camera and that’s about all there is in terms of set up. There is an option to create an account and sign in, but it’s not required. Once you have the question you want to ask in mind, there are four options, or bounties.

Easy is the free option, which matches the user with one a StudyRoom tutor as quick as possible. Decaf, the $1.99 option, encourages questions that are more challenging and assures to have a response within 20 minutes. Coffee shop, $4.99, promises an average wait time of 16 minutes. The most expensive option, Energy Drink, has an average wait time of 11 minutes at $9.99. All paid options have a money back guarantee if the services rendered are unsatisfactory.                 

Snapsolve is an extension of StudyRoom’s Student Tutor Program. A network of over 5,000 college students is available for cross collaboration on all degrees of schoolwork.

Since college students are actively taking classes in a wide variety of subjects, Malca felt that they would make the perfect tutors. Top students in the network were asked to come on as tutors.

Any grade level, from primary school on up to graduate level students, can find the help they desire through StudyRoom’s vast pool of tutors. For their efforts, tutors do receive compensation.

Malca and his partner, Pindi Albert, launched StudyRoom at 100 schools nationwide after taking part in 2014 TechCrunch Digest Startup Battlefield. Their goals have always been to connect students and make it easier to share notes, form study groups and learn collectively. Right now, StudyRoom is only available in the U.S., but that will not always be the case. Malca’s next goal is to expand out internationally, hopefully by next year. They’ve already begun to identify bilingual tutors and are looking into what nations might have a demand for StudyRoom and Snapsolve.

Another goal on the horizon is a real time version of Snapsolve. While the app is a revolutionary idea, providing on demand help with assignments, there is a delay of several minutes for a tutor to provide help. Real time help would mean that there is always a tutor ready to help at a moment’s notice.

The idea of Snapsolve and StudyRoom is an innovative way to take advantage of the rise of online social networking. The cross pollination of ideas and knowledge provides for a platform that could allow Malca and Albert to take their app worldwide. However, as with all things, time will tell.