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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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Fighting Back Against Ads

Fighting Back Against Ads

By Robert Williams
Contributing Writer

Sick of thirty second clips prolonging you from viewing the content you really want to see? Rather just skip right to the video without ever seeing any commercials or pop-ups? Maybe what you need is an ad blocker.

What is an ad blocker? It’s a plugin or app that will block all ads on a web browser. This includes but is not limited to banners, pop-up, video or flash ads that may bombard you while browsing the web.

These advertisements that are being blocked help generate revenue for a lot of websites and web creators. In particular, Youtubers make their living from the ads that run on their videos and from the banners on that page. Essentially, when viewing their content while using an ad blocker, audiences are watching it for free, and the creators will not be paid for their work.

To help combat against ad blockers Youtubers add advertising and sponsors directly into their videos, traditionally toward the end with some kind of promo code. This way it can be guaranteed that the ad will be viewed.

There must be a reason why ad blockers exist, or why they have yet to be taken down or banned. The culture of ads has grown in a suffocating way, especially on the internet. Modern consumers are smarter and respect more of their time. They know when irrelevant ads are being excessively forced.

When someone goes to view a how-to video on fixing their car and are forced to watch an ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken, it can be irritating. Advertisements are intrusive so people are taking action.

A big danger with certain ads is that they could be hiding malware and other spyware software inside them. These ads can slow down computers and bombard viewers with constant pop-ups. Some common sense and a decent virus protector should keep users safe enough, but an ad blocker can be a good added deterrent for the cautious.

There are ways to use ad blockers and support the people who get paid through ads. Most ad blockers have a lot of customizations for the user. They can select where and when they want certain ads to be blocked. With this users are able to enjoy the content and websites the way they would like.