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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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MisterWives Shakes the NorVa

MisterWives Shakes the NorVa

Zach Moeller
Contributing Writer

Six­-piece group MisterWives rocked the NorVa Tuesday, Sept. 29, and there was not a frowning face in the venue. The New York City-based band is embarked on their Scrapbook Tour, and Norfolk was the band’s third stop.

The troupe combines different musical aesthetics to create a distinct sound. A saxophone and trumpet blare over bass lines that reflect motown groove from the ‘80s. Lead singer Mandy Lee uses her wide vocal range to accompany this groove, and every song they played fueled the crowd to dance along.

Lee took the stage, which was adorned with flowers and makeshift power lines, immediately asking the crowd if they were ready to have some fun. It was evident everyone in attendance was ready as the crowd answered her question with a deafening roar. MisterWives wasted little time, jumping straight into their song “Best I Can Do.”

At the conclusion of each song, Lee told the crowd how happy she and the rest of the band were to be in Norfolk for the first time.

MisterWives have been busy lately, playing festivals including MusicfestNW and Boston Calling. The Scrapbook Tour follows their summer tour, which concluded in St. Louis on Sept. 13. Following stops on the tour will include shows in the south, as well as the west coast, finishing up with a final show in their hometown of New York City.

Regardless of little downtime, the band showed no signs of fatigue as they danced all over the stage. Lee and fellow band mates got down and held hands with attendees several times, referring to the audience as “[our] friends.” The band posed on stage with the crowd in the background as the band’s photographer took a picture to add to their scrapbook, from which the tour took its name.

Several songs into the set, the group sat down together on stage for an intimate performance of “Coffins,” taking a moment to shift their stage presence from indefatigable to relaxed. The crowd quietly sang along, before Lee smoothly transitioned into a cover of “Landslide.”

Fleetwood Mac was not the only artist covered, however, as the band also played “PYT” by Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” During the Houston cover, Lee invited one lucky fan on to stage to sing and dance with her.

As the night began to come to a close, MisterWives played some of their hits. Putting a reggae twist on “Reflections,” the band remixed how they normally perform the song, before returning it to its original form. “Our Own House” also roused the crowd, who only became more enthusiastic as all six members performed a giant drum solo.

The encore to the show was equally wild, as the band jammed on stage, allowing each member to have a solo on their respected instrument. At the conclusion of their encore, they all came together to bow to the audience and tell them how much they loved them. Before leaving the stage, Lee told the crowd that Norfolk had been the most fun show they had played in a long time.

At the beginning of the performance, Lee had mentioned that this was the first time they had played at the NorVa. By the end, Lee assured the audience that MisterWives will absolutely be back.