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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Monarch Style: Abby Thurber

Monarch Style: Abby Thurber

Clare Benedetto
Contributing Writer

Abby Thurber
Major: Pyschology and Communication
Year: Sophomore
Spotted: Dragas

For a double major with a lot on her plate, there is one very surprising fact about Abby Thurber: she does not own a single pair of jeans. When she has to grab something quickly out of her closet, she reaches for “neutral-colored pants, but a colorful shirt that stands out.”

Thurber describes her style as “modern, outgoing, and warm,” and says that it ranges from “casual to professional.”

When spotted, she was dressed in an eye-catching assortment of items, including a pair of black pants patterned with pink and red roses, a black and white striped wrap, and a silver key necklace.

“Any time you see me, I’ll always be wearing some type of key, even if it’s just my dorm key. I’ve always been inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ I used to be very into bows, now I’m into keys,” Thurber said.

Thurber faithfully keeps up to date with the fashion world and follows fashion shows, but when asked whose closet she would raid, she does not cite a celebrity or model. Instead, she mentions the fashionable students she sees around campus.

“I would love to talk to them and ask them about their clothes, see into their closets,” Thurber said said.

Before she wore it nearly to pieces, her favorite item in her wardrobe was a shirt with several necklaces woven into the collar.

Thurber has been taking more risks with her style lately by trying to incorporate more colors into her daily clothing choices, as she was doing when spotted in this outfit. A type of clothing she notes that she would like to see more often around campus would be interesting skirts.

“Ruffled skirts, flowy skirts, and skirts with depth,” Thurber said.