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Mace & Crown | February 21, 2018

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A Monarch's Guide to Going Vegan

A Monarch’s Guide to Going Vegan

Kadedra Holmes

Contributing Writer

Have you ever thought about giving up meat and going vegetarian? Or even ditching the animal products all together for a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle? Whether it’s starting with meatless Mondays or eating vegan for one day out of the week, going vegetarian or vegan on the ODU campus is now easier than ever before.

At Café 1201, you can enjoy a vegan meal using your meal plan. The café now has tofu options at the stir fry station. The café also has meatless Gardein burgers and includes vegetarian and/or vegan entrées at lunch and dinner time. The main lunch hall is also adding more vegan and vegetarian friendly options.

However, there are some vegetarian favorites at Café 1201 that have always been on their menu, including cheese pizza, veggie omelets, stir fry without meat, waffles and even ice cream. Going vegetarian or vegan at the Webb Center dining hall is easy and included in your meal plan.

Want coffee with cruelty-free creamer? Starbucks has vegan hot chocolate. Both Einstein Bros Bagels and Starbucks offer soy milk for your coffee, and you can also add soy milk to any beverage, including a Frappuccino or latte. But wait, be warned; some Starbucks and Einstein syrups are made with animal products, so ask the barista if you have any questions. Add an everything bagel topped with peanut butter from Einstein’s for an even better vegan breakfast experience.

When you’re tired of dining at Café 1201, you can enjoy a vegetarian or vegan meal at the restaurants right on Monarch way. Tropical Smoothie has Beyond Meat Chicken, which is a meat alternative that can be replaced on any of their wraps and sandwiches. Restaurants like La Herradura, Sakura and Jimmy Johns also have vegan options. The P.O.D. has vegetarian pizza, vegan and vegetarian wraps, and even vegan sushi rolls.

If you’re venturing off campus, you can grab some yummy vegan food from restaurants right on Colley Avenue. Starving Artist Café has a colorful oatmeal and fruit breakfast that’s cheap and filling. Luna Maya has an incredible vegan quesadilla and burritos, and Cogans Pizza has vegan cheese and Gardein meats for vegan pizza.

When the semester starts to wind down, the flex points and meal swipes begin to dwindle. Did you know you can still enjoy easy-to-make vegan options at home while saving money?

If you have a blender, try an on-the-go breakfast with a strawberry banana smoothie. If you don’t have a blender, or any kitchen appliances for that matter, oatmeal, avocado and toast or cereal (just to name a few) are great ways to fuel up for that 8 a.m. class.

For lunch and dinner, you would be surprised how many options there are to have a hearty, cruelty free meal. Spaghetti with meatless sauce, oriental flavored ramen noodles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Doritos chili flavored chips, stuffed sweet potatoes and even veggie stir fry make being vegan on a budget easy to do. Visit to get the ins and outs on eating vegan on a budget.

New to campus this year, students can now join Vegans and Vegetarians of ODU. This club is a community of vegetarians and vegans who want to learn more about the lifestyle. They have free food at every meeting and offer great volunteer opportunities.

The next meeting is on Oct. 6 at 11 a.m. in the Portsmouth Room inside Webb Center.

Kadedra Holmes is the president and founder of the Vegans and Vegetarians of ODU.


    Love it Kadedra! Thanks for sharing your tips. I’ve tried the Beyond Meat chicken in the Thai peanut wrap at Tropical Smoothie–delcious!