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Mace & Crown | February 20, 2018

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Monarch Style: Kelsey Pappas

Monarch Style: Kelsey Pappas

Clare Benedetto
Contributing Writer

Name: Kelsey Pappas
Major: Special Education
Year: Sophomore
Spotted: Webb Center

On occasion, Kelsey Pappas has to dress up for sorority events, but she likes to take it down a notch for a typical day.

Pappas describes her outfits as “free-spirited and laid back,” and cites hippies as her fashion inspiration. By pairing her sandals and flowy blue, purple and yellow maxi dress with a blunt-cut jean jacket, she brought together Summer and Fall fashion and pulled it off with aplomb.

As cooler weather nears, she’s looking forward to digging into her impressive collection of scarves, her favorite one being a huge green, purple and orange knit sweater-type scarf.

Her favorite trends are ripped jeans and high-heeled boots.

“I have a pair of boots with 3-inch heels. I don’t know how I manage to walk around in them, but I do,” Pappas said.

When she’s overslept her morning alarm, she goes for a pair of leggings and a brightly colored sweater and “occasionally, a pair of high-top sneakers.”

Pappas would love to see combat boots and dresses emerge as a trend and points out that at the very least, it would be comfortable.

The wardrobe Pappas would most love to raid would be that of the beautiful and dramatic Amy Lee of Evanescence.

When summing up her personal style Pappas said, “It’s a cross between hippie and preppy, but I make it work.”

Indeed, she does.