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Mace & Crown | February 19, 2018

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Mobile Boutiques: The New Way to Shop

Mobile Boutiques: The New Way to Shop
Clare Benedetto
Contributing Writer

For those students fortunate enough to have found the truck parked on Kaufman Mall on Friday, Oct. 10, a unique shopping experience was right under their noses.

The Jewelry Box is one of many mobile boutiques popping up all over the country. These boutiques have picked up in popularity due to the advantages of lower costs and the ability to move to where the business is booming.

The mobile fashion shop mainly sells eye-popping accessories, ranging from enormous colorful earrings and rings to an impressive assortment of distinctive necklaces and bracelets. It also offers a varied selection of vibrant scarves and trendy clothing, much of which bears good names, such as Ann Taylor and Loft.

But the best discovery of all was the “2 for $5 Mix & Match” deal including almost everything in the truck. Students were crammed inside, pawing through the merchandise and shrieking joyfully at the prices.

The proprietor of the business, Jordan Stewart, watched the flurry with quiet satisfaction.

Stewart’s entrepreneurial story is as special as her truck. Several years ago as a student at Virginia Commonwealth University, she waited tables at a nearby Marriott. One night, she received a big tip from a customer, and with it bought a stock of jewelry at a good price. She then sold that jewelry to family and friends.

Stewart did well enough with this small venture to expand to selling at flea markets, and then opened a little boutique just off of VCU’s campus. One day, her mother saw on television that upscale fashion trucks were taking hold as a business venture out in California and gave Stewart the idea.

Stewart’s truck puts down anchor at many Virginia college campuses, including VCU, Mary Washington, Longwood, Virginia State, and now ODU. Richmond remains her favorite place to set up shop.

“It’s where this began,” Stewart said.

Stewart pointed out the value of being able to come to people where they are, and the comfort of being able to choose her own hours, both of which a permanent shop would not permit. She marks being able to give students a good deal as a priority, hence the great prices onboard.

Monarchs, take heed. She plans to come back to ODU, and when she does, you will not want to miss it.

Stewarts truck can be followed through Instagram and she can be contacted by email.