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Mace & Crown | March 20, 2018

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Kill the Noise Brings the Noise

Zach Moeller
Contributing Writer

Lovers of electronic dance music can rejoice at the release of Kill the Noise‘s new album “Occult Classic.” The release contains all ingredients necessary for a successful EDM album: heavy bass that will hit you where you can feel it, futuristic laser sounds aided by other elements of treble and lots of added noise capable of forcing you to dance.

“Occult Classic” explores a diverse range of sounds that will either have you dancing or scratching your head. On the track “Dolphin on Wheels,” Kill the Noise samples a recording of a dolphin squeaking, which is intertwined with the bass for the majority of the track. The album also contains elements far less abstract, such as beats that raise in intensity until they peak, releasing into a drop that EDM fanatics crave.

Some tracks, like “Louder” and “I Do Coke,” lack substance. The beat on these tracks hardly vary like in “Lose Ya Love,” where Kill the Noise speeds up female singers into a fast paced jam that will make you at least tap your foot.

The album includes several guest musicians. Songs like “Mine” and “Without a Trace” feature the likes of Bryn Christopher and Stalking Gia. Perhaps the most notable featured artist on this album, however, is AWOLNATION, notorious for their 2011 single “Sail.” AWOLNATION is featured on both the first track, “Kill it 4 The Kids,” as well as the last, titled “All In My Head.”

Kill the Noise, which is the stage name of producer Jake Stanczak, has been making music for several years. Stanczak has collaborated with artists ranging from Fatman Scoop to Korn. With a growing fan base, as well as a current tour leading into November, Stanczak shows no signs of stopping.

Kill the Noise released “Occult Classic” under the record label OWSLA, which was founded by Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex.

While many fans of electronic music will love this new product of Jake Stanczak, the average listener will probably pass on this one. To an untrained ear of the genre “Occult Classic” sounds like a parking lot full of car alarms going off while an intergalactic extra-terrestrial war takes place overhead.

The type of sounds heard on this record are the same that may induce headaches amongst those unaccustomed to EDM. To these listeners, the best part of the album may be its conclusion.

Regardless, the album is here, and those interested can check it out on Kill the Noise’s SoundCloud page. Give “Occult Classic” a listen and decide for yourself if it’s a big hit or total miss.