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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Technology Being Implemented at Restaurants Nationwide

Technology Being Implemented at Restaurants Nationwide restaurant technology restaurant technology

Audra Reigle
Contributing Writer

Technology is changing the way people go out to eat. Some restaurants are providing customers with the option to use touchscreen tablets to complete their food orders and payments electronically. 

Chili’s is one of the chains that has started to offer Ziosk tablets, according to an article by CBS News in New York.

restaurant technology
Photo courtesy of: Ziosk

The Ziosk can also be used to call the server over, according to an NPR article that shows how the tablets have been used in an Uno Pizzeria. They won’t replace servers entirely but merely assist them in serving customers and allowing them to get in and out in a timely manner.

restaurant technology
Photo courtesy of: Panera Bread

Ordering kiosks are also being placed in Panera stores to help with the ordering process, according to a USA Today article. Customers can either go to the ordering kiosk or the cash register to order their food. Panera has also enabled customers to use their phones or laptops to order food and have it brought to their table.

Panera is removing cash registers in stores, but the employees who worked those registers will not lose their jobs. Instead, they now assist with preparing food or delivering food to the customers. 

restaurant technology
Photo courtesy of: Mc’Donald’s

McDonald’s has also started to roll out self-service kiosks in their restaurants in the U.S. and overseas. The touchscreen kiosks will allow the ordering process to be sped up and give customers more control in customizing their order, according to a Business Insider article. With the addition of the kiosks in select stores, the need for cashiers is diminished. Those workers could instead be relocated to help with the kitchen to provide better customer service.

iPads are also being used in other industries, mainly retail, in order to customize points of sale. TechCrunch reported that Shopify launched six apps in July 2015 to allow merchants to promote sales, print receipts and process loyalty cards among other functions. 

One of the biggest fears with these technologies is that they will eventually replace humans. However, these technologies are ultimately made to help the employees rather than take their jobs from them.

The tablets and kiosks in restaurants allow customers to tailor their experience to their own expectations. For the kiosks, it allows employees to move away from the register and assist in getting food out to customers at a faster rate.

The kiosks also reduce the risk of human error. If a customer wanted a Big Mac without the onions from McDonald’s, they could go up to the kiosk and put that in themselves, rather than going up to a cashier who may misunderstand or forget to put in “no onions” when inputting the order.

With iPads being used at points of sale, it allows for more comprehensive sales control through the usage of apps on the device. Ultimately, these technologies are meant to assist, not take away jobs.