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Mace & Crown | March 19, 2018

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Student Startup 3DXtremes Now Printing on Campus

Student Startup 3DXtremes Now Printing on Campus startup startup
Jason Kazi
Staff Writer

3DXtremes is the latest innovative startup to be launched in association with the Strome Entrepreneurial Center at Old Dominion University. This past semester, 3DXtremes was launched by Aron Blade Taylor with the goal of using 3D printing and vinyl decal production methods using his own 3D printer and vinyl decal cutting machine to create a line of customized affordable everyday products like headphone wraps, smartphone desk stands, coasters, vinyl decals, and more.

Taylor believes that 3D printing will change the world. Over the past decade, there have been hundreds of thousands of new inventions brought to life and helped to change the way we live. With 3D printing technology, items are created layer upon layer until the model is done. This allows for new, revolutionary product concepts. 3D printing is also helping to take waste product and turn it into brand new working models, instead of having old products go to a landfill. Technology like 3D printing will continue to revolutionize the way in which waste is eliminated.

At first, Taylor wasn’t sure if he would be able to learn how to use these types of technology. The company considers itself to be a service-based business.


The Monarch phone stand is one of the products that 3DXtremes is currently producing.

“We’d like for individuals to approach us with a need or want and we help make that idea come to life. In the near future, we hope to offer a much wider product line that will include iPhone and Samsung phone cases featuring custom changeable back plates. We will also start offering a new line of vinyl decals, such as monograms for dorm walls that can be removed with no damage or residue, like the ones we currently offer for smartphones,” said Taylor.

The rise of low-cost 3D printers at the consumer level has led 3D printing to rise to what some call one of the emerging technologies of the past couple of years. While some industries have been using 3D printers for quite some time; the availability of low-cost printers like the well-reviewed Wiiboox ONE MINI 3D printer for about $1,000 on Amazon has allowed such technologies to be affordable for entrepreneurs and small-business owners alike. Desktop 3D printers are among the fastest-growing category of product on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. A report published by Allied Market Research predicted that the 3D printing market will reach $8.6 billion by the end of this decade.

Taylor’s position at the Strome Entrepreneurial Center has proven to be quite useful while launching his startup company. He is extremely involved with entrepreneurial programs and initiatives both on and off campus and often volunteers to speak at high schools about the importance and value of entrepreneurship.

“The College of Business and the Strome Entrepreneurial Center provide a great amount of resources to entrepreneurial students,” said Taylor, “however they have not quite mastered their approach to pushing students to being entrepreneurs.”


Here it is! The completed awesome and simple project downloaded from Thingiverse (designed by Tony_D). #3dprinted #3d

— 3DXtremes (@3dxtremes) July 29, 2015


Every technology comes with its downfalls. In the case of 3D printing technology, there are concerns among law enforcement officials that these 3D printers will allow citizens to get a hold of custom-built weapons at ease. There have been cases in the United States, England and Australia of public safety officials finding 3D printed weapons in suspects’ homes.

“I think for military purposes this is amazing, but in the normal home, I do not think that this should be legal,” Taylor said. “With that being said, I do not believe that this will be something that becomes too big of a threat due to the fact that most 3D printers only create plastic products which are not for long term use when used as a gun.”

Much like 757 Surfboards, Dorm Room Decor and GradWyse, 3DXtremes has chosen to partner with one of the first student startups after the founding of the Strome Entrepreneurial Center – CampusWise. CampusWise has begun to promote other student-owned businesses on its website and social media outlets. Companies like these are trying to save and make students money.

You can like 3DXtremes on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. They are getting ready to have a huge discount and giveaway campaign for ODU students which will include a lot of their vinyl products, such as monograms and custom-made graphics.