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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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Video Game Review: Undertale

Video Game Review: Undertale

By Audra Reigle
Contributing Writer

As a human in a world of monsters who want your soul, the “Undertale” player has two choices: befriend the monsters or fight them. That’s about all that can be said about the game as saying too much more might ruin the experience and the discovery of everything the game world has to offer. With that said, there are some aspects of “Undertale” worth reviewing.

Choices made throughout the game determine the ending the player receives. A genocide ending is received by attacking and killing all of the monsters encountered within the game while a pacifist run is achieved by the opposite– befriending all of the enemies encountered. The neutral ending is obtained by a combination of defeating enemies as well as befriending them. It is possible to defeat all enemies within the game as well as befriend all enemies.

The battle system in the game is unique. The player does not necessarily have to fight the enemies in order to win the battle, but can be as passive or as aggressive as desired. In addition to the player’s choices, the enemies also have a variety of moves, which the player must use different tactics to defeat. Every battle is different and the player must use various strategies to defeat the enemies and avoid their attacks. Some of the battles will throw something new at the player. Once introduced, it can reappear in future fights.

Puzzles in the game are not super difficult. A person who is bad with puzzles could still get through this game with minimal problems. Although there are a handful of harder puzzles, they can still be completed. Some of the boss battles may be more difficult than the puzzles.

The music in this game is wonderful. In the battles, it’s somewhat reminiscent of the music in the Pokemon games.

While the music and the gameplay are unique, the game itself can be difficult to get into. An initial playthrough could take only a matter of hours if the player gets into the game. The game; however, lacks a lot of story. Although the game shouldn’t be spoiled for future players, the only real spoilers are gameplay features and interactions with other characters. It can be really cut and dry without a strong storyline. The fact that the player is a human in a world of monsters is the main plot element, and it’s pretty much thrown in the player’s face early on.

If the player can really get into the game, then they’ll have a blast with it. If the player can’t really get into it, then it could take days or months to complete a first runthrough. Of course, this is all also dependent on how much running around and exploring the player does, but the whole game is about running around, fighting monsters and exploring the world, which can get boring quick.

While there are players who just can’t get into the game due to the lack of story, there are others who have greatly enjoyed “Undertale” with what story it has and the characters met while playing. The player is only a human, but can interact with the monsters in the world. While there are the monsters that want to kill the player for their soul, there are also others who want to befriend. The player can go out for lunch with one of the monsters and another monster has a crush on the player. Each character is unique and defeating them in battle changes the interactions the player has with future characters they meet.

The game essentially changes based on how the player chooses to play. People have been captivated by this game because of its story and its characters. While the main plot behind the story is that the player is a human in a world of monsters, it’s so much more than that. It’s a game in which the player can make choices and those choices affect how the rest of the game turns out. The game will either fill the player with emotion (and/or determination), or the player won’t be able to enjoy the game because they can’t get into it.