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Mace & Crown | February 19, 2018

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ODU Adjunct Salaries

ODU Adjunct Salaries

Adjuncts Unseen: ODU’s Salary Gap Visualized

Adjunct professors receive notoriously low pay, at ODU and nationwide. The graphic below offers a visualization of this salary disparity, based on data from the university’s Human Resources department.

Each circle displayed corresponds to every adjunct, faculty member and administrator at Old Dominion University. Changes in the sizes of each circle are scaled to the amount that the individual makes in salary per year. The visualization includes 1,266 adjuncts, 624 faculty members and 506 administrators.
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Visualization Produced by Jugal Patel – Digital Strategist

  • FACULTY – 624
  • ADJUNCTS – 1,266


The Mace used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain salaries for all members of faculty at Old Dominion University (ODU). Salaries for adjuncts were not included through the returned dataset because the University is not required to report any salaries under $10,000 per year. In order to visualize salaries of adjuncts, many of which make under $10,000, the Mace had to submit another FOIA request to obtain the number of credit hours taught by every adjunct faculty member at ODU. Adjuncts are paid based on credit hours, and rates can be viewed here. To determine salaries, the number of credit hours for each adjunct was multiplied to their corresponding pay rate based on their faculty rank. The updated dataset with adjunct salaries included was then loaded into a d3 script which produces the visualization above.

DISCLAIMER: Certain pay rates may not accurately reflect salaries, as practicums and labs (such as music adjuncts teaching lessons or nursing adjuncts providing care) are paid at different rates, and that information was not readily available.