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Mace & Crown | March 19, 2018

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Sci-Fi Romance’s ‘Dust Among the Stars’ Is Out of This World

Sci-Fi Romance’s ‘Dust Among the Stars’ Is Out of This World
Lexie Nobrega
Contributing Writer
Sci-Fi Romance

Sci-Fi Romance – “Dust Among the Stars”

Folk band Sci-Fi Romance released their third album “Dust Among the Stars” on Jan. 26. It features 10 tracks, which together give the feel of a cinematic story. Vocalist and frontman Vance Kotrla’s emotional lyrics combined with the simplistic, yet breathtaking guitar chords and rich cello solos make the album shine as a uniquely original masterpiece.

Apart from singer-songwriter Kotrla, Los Angeles based Sci-Fi Romance includes cellist Jody Stark, Mr. Mike and Kurt Bloom on drums, bassist Johnnie Kotrla and other collaborating artists.

The band debuted in 2010 with their album “…and surrender my body to the flames.” Their most recent release, the 2014 EP “October,” is based on classic horror movies while sonically capturing the aesthetic on an old, analog cassette machine.

Their music has been described by many as “steampunk folk” for its artistic fusion of modern folk with airs of Americana and soft rock and layered with haunting, deep vocals that paint a chilling gothic story in each album.

“Dust Among the Stars” continues to show the band’s versatility and evolution. The first track, “If I Fell,” pulls the listener in with its catchy rhythm and soothing cello, then lulls you with the somber, melancholic “Autumn Waltz.”

Some songs tend to feel almost too dreamlike. Before you can space out, however, Vance Kotrla jars your senses awake with powerful, explosive sounds such as the track, “Goodbye at the End of the World.”

The most magical aspect of “Dust Among the Stars” is its ability to evoke raw emotion out of its audience. Its themes of love, loss and longing are accessible to anyone and prompts the listener to contemplate their role in the vast universe and all that encompass who we are.

“Dust Among the Stars” proves its worth in its compelling music and lyrics It is stellar and beautiful giving a fresh new take on the modern folk genre. Within the new record, Sci-Fi Romance strives to resonate profoundly with their audience. Their masterful technique of letting the flow of their rhythm and lyrics paint a dynamic story falls nothing short of breathtaking.