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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Faux News: Donald Trump Edited Out of 'Home Alone 2'

Faux News: Donald Trump Edited Out of ‘Home Alone 2’
George Plank
Staff Writer

It seems that not everyone is riding the Donald Trump bandwagon all the way to the White House. Film writer, John Hughes, has elected to leave the public figure out of the remastering of his classic film series.

Hughes has recently announced that he will be re-releasing the popular movie series “Home Alone” on Blu-ray with improved resolution and effects. Hughes has also elected to digitally alter several of the scenes in the series. Most of the changes are harmless enough, but some of the changes have some fans calling foul.

In “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” in perhaps the most iconic scene in the series, Kevin McCalister, played by Macaulay Culkin, asks for directions from a random person in a hotel lobby. That person is none other than current hopeful, Donald J. Trump. This scene is beloved by many and is considered a pivotal moment in the “Home Alone” franchise.

In the remastered special editions, however, the iconic scene has been edited and Trump no longer makes an appearance. In the lobby scene, Donald Trump is replaced with a hologram of Michael Jackson.

When asked about the changes made to the series, John Hughes said, “It’s a relic of a different time. As we go on, opinions change, and what people find socially acceptable is reshaped from generation to generation. I can no longer, with good conscience, allow Donald Trump to be in my series.”

Not everyone agrees with the writer’s perspective on these changes. One of the strongest proponents keeping the original cut is film historian Leonard Maltin.

“You can’t just change a classic film on a whim. Once it is released it belongs in part to the viewers. Removing something because it offends someone would do an injustice to the original spirit of the film that fans have come to love. Just like how ‘Looney Tunes’ left in all the racist undertones, we accept that these were different times,” Matlin said.

While the change regarding future president Donald Trump has garnered the most attention, there have been other changes as well. Some of Kevin’s traps have been replaced with CG effects. There is an additional scene between Kevin’s mother and his brother and, because Hughes felt that Kevin seemed unjustifiably too violent, Joe Pesci shot first.

Despite the negative audience reaction to the change, Hughes has made it clear that he has no intention to release the original cuts on Blu-ray. He has conceded that the original cuts may be available on limited-edition versions of the Blu-ray.