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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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10 Ways to Dress Like a Fashion Blogger

10 Ways to Dress Like a Fashion Blogger
Kimberly Bering
Contributing Writer

Blogger style: the combination of simple and chic. So many instagrammers, wild pinners on Pinterest and social media lovers look to bloggers for style advice. The advantage of blogger style is its simplicity and creativity. Even if you sleep past your alarm and role out of bed in the morning, throwing together a fashionable outfit can be effortless and eye-catching.

There are simple hacks to help stay on top of blogger outfits. Having the right go-to clothes in your closet, such as statement pieces, can make a world of difference for appearing put-together in the knick-of-time.

1. Bold printed flats: Leopard print, bright pink or polka-dot… anything eye catching; a pair of gallantly colored flats can even dress up a plain t-shirt and jeans for a minimal, constructive look.

2. Striped shirt: For a touch of classical Paris, slip on a form fitting striped shirt for an elegant and retro façade, complimented with bold lipstick.

3. An Eclectic Dress: Try a new dress style, like a lace embellished or sack dress, to embrace your feminine side. Some dresses can even be more comfortable than a pair of jeans.

4. Collared shirt: Fashion bloggers are known for their go-to collars for chic look. It’s the professional way to look composed and still rock street style with ankle boots or a pair of flats.

5. Boldly Colored Coat: Nothing screams New York City more than a vividly colored coat. Bloggers thoroughly approve of a bold trench coat to strut through streets in chilly weather.

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6. Overalls: They’re not just for kids. Wear a sweater or tee underneath to flaunt a bolder form of denim.

7. Cut-Off Jeans: Transform old blue jeans into blogger worthy cut-offs. Any top, sweater, hat or crop top adds style to an ordinary pair of jeans.

8. Panama Hat: Take style advice from Indiana Jones. His modified fedora trend is perfect for adding an artsy touch to a solid colored sweater or dress.

9. Faux Fur: Flaunt the faux fur proudly. It’s an eye catching, warm and timeless way to appear high-class.

10. Midi Skirt: Switch up your wardrobe a bit by adding a tulle or pleated midi skirt. Combine with a graphic tee for a casual look or a form fitting blouse for a feminine touch.

If you’re feeling bold or inspired, piece together multipe of these top ten go-to pieces for bloggers! Flaunt various trends of both simple and audacious outfits. Wear a graphic tee underneath a pair of denim clad overalls completed with a faux fur coat and panama hat, or embrace the minimalistic style of a simple collared shirt and trousers. The sky is the limit. Owning a handful of essential pieces ensures a blogger-worthy ensemble.