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Mace & Crown | March 19, 2018

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Watch Climate Change Flood Virginia in 3 Dimensions

Beneath the Sea and the Sky: Virginia’s Future in a Flooded Landscape
by Jugal Patel
Digital Editor
How to use this map:
norfolk flood – Open the details window for more information
norfolk flood – Click through the slides to follow along the story
norfolk flood – Locate yourself on the map
norfolk flood – Pan or rotate the globe

The globe above includes a digital elevation model, or land topography, with sea level rise data on top. For slides that show the extent of flooding during storms of various categories, the map places storm surge data on top of land elevation and sea level rise data. This graphic is meant to provide for an idea of the scope of the issue of climate change, as well as locations for some of the problem areas. The data does not account for other factors such as precipitation and groundwater inundation though so the visualization is not accurate down to smaller scales. 

The interactive visualization below was created by graduate students at ODU’s Computer Science Department, Apeksha Barhanpur and Raghav Cheedalla. It’s meant to provide an account of the impacts on sea level rise on land for Atlantic states. 

Produced by:Apeksha Barhanpur,Raghav Cheedalla
Design: Jugal Patel, Apeksha Barhanpur, Raghav Cheedalla

For more about the work done by graduate students, visit here.