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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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April Fool's: Have Fraternities Taken Things Too Far?

April Fool’s: Have Fraternities Taken Things Too Far?
George Plank
Staff Writer

Old Dominion University made national headlines last semester when the members of Sigma Nu displayed signs from the balcony of their frat house. These signs, bearing such slogans as “Freshman Daughter Drop-Off” and “Rowdy and Fun,” were widely considered to be inappropriate by members of the community. Now another fraternity has attempted to push the envelope of good taste even further.

Last Thursday during activity hour, the members of Delta Tau Chi held a Study A-Broad Fair. During the event they had professional models lined up and viewable to pedestrians. Some of the student body approached the display while others maintained a distance to the event.

Naturally some groups on campus took issue with the event.


Controversial banners that hung from 43rd St townhomes last fall.

“This is the most disgusting, chauvinistic, irreparable thing I have seen in 15 minutes,” said Lindsey Quelling, art history major. “The fact that the school would give them the venue to do this sort of thing is simply inexcusable.”

“We had no idea that this is what the Deltas intended,” said Abby Livious, secretary in the office of student involvement.

When officers from Delta approached Livious about the event, she gave them the green light.

“I assumed that they merely wanted to showcase exotic locales for students to visit,” Livious said. “They responded, ‘Oh, it’ll be exotic alright.’”

No action has been taken against the members of Delta Tau Chi as of yet. However, they could face immediate expulsion from Old Dominion University, or at the very least have their chapter’s charter removed from campus. The Dean of Students has already given this troubled group warning that they were on an extensive probation. Upon hearing the news of the fraternity’s latest escapades, he raised his fists into the air and loudly exclaimed, “Deltas!”