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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Why We Need to Elect This Monarch to the School Board

Why We Need to Elect This Monarch to the School Board
Claudette Woodhouse
Contributing Writer

My entire life, I have lived and breathed the city of Norfolk. One thing that I have always remembered is the motivation from my teachers to perform well, regular visits from superintendents, the overarching need for a revitalization of my beloved school system. Graduating from schools that today are low-performing or striving to meet accreditation has thrown me into full stride to become an educator. Despite a deep love for my city and commitment to educating, I will not start my career in Norfolk Public Schools. As an alumni I’ve had first hand accounts of the struggle my teachers and peers faced under ever-changing leadership. Today as an upcoming graduate of Old Dominion University, incoming Teach for America New Jersey Corps member, and a citizen of Norfolk who voted for an elected city school board there are not many candidates who offer the personability and dedication that Dr. Noelle Gabriel exhibits. I see a little bit of myself in Dr. Gabriel – she too is a Norfolk Public Schools Graduate and passionate about service to others. As a current school board member, Dr. Gabriel fully supports the new election process and is ready to continue to make the necessary changes to strengthen Norfolk Public Schools. Immediately after graduating from Booker T. Washington High School in 2011, I watched my school system fall to a status that had me more than worried, but the last few years a spirit of revitalization seems to have began. As a lifelong member of the community, it is clear that Dr. Gabriel is beholden to the best interests of her fellow citizens now and into the future. Her demonstration of quality and service is evident in her voting record and clear in her campaign. What more could one expect from an ODU graduate who received the Kaufman Award in 2002 for demonstrating the highest quality of service and leadership. I encourage you to be a part of history in this First ever Norfolk School Board election. Vote for Dr. Noelle Gabriel to fix Norfolk Public Schools. A vote for her is a vote for stability, a stronger community, healthier children, safer schools, diverse education options, and most important a community informed on the decisions its school board is making on behalf of Norfolk’s children.