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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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Brick Anchor Brew-House Downtown's Newest Addition

Brick Anchor Brew-House Downtown’s Newest Addition
Shannon Jay
Contributing Writer

Brick Anchor Brew-House is the newest boozy resident to add to your downtown bar crawl. Replacing the previously long-standing Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub, the fancy beer haven is a grand improvement.

Brick Anchor’s pub fare goes beyond your ordinary bar’s deep fryer. Each high-class meal is followed by a complimentary beer style. The arugula and red oak salad, for instance, is suggested to be followed by any white beer, while the short ribs with root vegetable ragout is paired with a more specific Vienna lager.

brick anchor

Virginia Ham with Pineapple and Sweet Potatoes. Courtesy: Brick Anchor Brew House Facebook

Even desserts have friends on tap. Rich and chocolatey confections are paired with dark stouts and porters, while fruity desserts are paired with lighter wheat and tart beers. The three-course meal offering is the furthest distinction from your average, with each course paired with specific beers.

The beer menu is extensive with over 90 options to choose from. Roughly 60 beers are available on a rotating tap list, including about 20 selections from Virginia and local Norfolk brewers.

Brick Anchor offers not only a wide variety of brews, but also a myriad of fun activities to make a regular night out more interesting. The bar puts on live music nearly every Friday and Saturday. On April 27, Brick Anchor is hosting a special 5-course dinner celebrating Ommegang’s “Game of Thrones” beer series.

The restaurant will also host a mash-up contest, welcoming self-proclaimed beer aficionados to pick a complimentary mix of two beers to add to the Bier Mash-ups menu. If you think you have what it takes, submit your entry at by May 3.

Brick Anchor is one of the many downtown businesses on Granby awarded a grant by the Downtown Norfolk Council “to honor the building’s past while looking towards its future.” Everything from the signage to the awnings were chosen to compliment the historic brick building.

The accordion-style doors can be opened on warm days and connect seamlessly to an outdoor dining area. The industrial feel of the space ties in with the restaurant’s steampunk influences, giving the restaurant a rustic sophistication.

Brick Anchor Brew-House is located on the vibrant Downtown strip on the corner of Granby Street and West Tazewell Street. Open seven days a week, Brick Anchor also serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Visit for opening hours.