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Mace & Crown | February 19, 2018

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‘Pokémon Go’ Pro Tips from the Mace & Crown

‘Pokémon Go’ Pro Tips from the Mace & Crown
Audra Reigle
Staff Writer

“Pokémon Go” has taken over the world since the worldwide launch was delayed due to server issues that plagued the game. Nevertheless, the augmented reality has made players get up, go out and try to catch them all! To help newcomers, we’re giving you a few tips and tricks so that you can become a Pokémon master!

When it comes to finding Pokémon, try to go to an area with PokéStops. It’s possible someone will have set up a Lure Module at the PokéStop to bring more Pokémon to that particular area. A PokéStop with a Lure Module attached will be indicated on the map with purple flower petals swirling around it. In addition to the possibility of a Lure Module being on the PokéStop, an area with multiple PokéStops will give you a nice opportunity to get supplies for your adventure.

PokéStops will also give you 50 XP for each one you go to. If you can, try to find lots of PokéStops grouped together. These are usually found in areas where many people congregate. The stops refresh every five minutes, so you can repeatedly visit the same stops while catching Pokémon. At ODU, Kaufman Mall has quite a few stops where you can try to catch Pokémon and gather supplies; there are also other stops outside of Kaufman Mall, so if you’re on campus and have a little free time, there’s no shortage of places to play the game. Areas with a lot of PokéStops also tend to have at least one Lure Module set up.

You’ll be able to use the Stardust and candy you get from catching Pokémon to make your Pokémon stronger. The amount of Stardust needed to power up the Pokémon varies, but when a Pokémon is powered up, it gains Combat Power (CP) and HP. Candies are also used to evolve your Pokémon. The amount of candies used will vary from Pokémon to Pokémon, but the type of candy will always stay the same. Once the Pokémon has evolved, it will gain CP, HP and new moves.

If you want to walk around to catch your Pokémon, there’s a tracker in the bottom right corner that allows you to select a nearby Pokémon. The farther away you are, the more footsteps there will be on the map — three footsteps means you’re far away from the Pokémon, while one means you’re getting close. The tracker will blink if you’re headed in the right direction, so keep an eye on it (while also keeping an eye on your surroundings, of course)!

Once you’ve found a Pokémon you’re interested in, it’s time to catch it! You’ll gain XP for every Pokémon you catch, even if it’s one you’ve already caught, in addition to 100 Stardust and 3 candies. In addition to the XP you’ll get for catching the Pokémon, there are also ways to gain bonus XP. If you hold your finger on the Poké Ball, you’ll be able to see two circles. One shows where you need to throw the ball and the other shows you the difficulty of the capture. A green ring means the Pokémon is easy to catch and a red ring means the capture will be difficult. A “Nice!” capture will get you 10 bonus XP, and a “Great!” capture will get you 50 bonus XP. If you manage to throw a curveball, you’ll get 10 bonus XP as well. It’s not a lot, but every little bit counts when you’re on a journey to become a Pokémon master!

At level five, your first visit to a gym will ask you to pick one of three teams: Valor, Mystic and Instinct. Once you’ve joined a team, you’ll be able to fight gyms and add your own Pokémon to allied gyms.

If you have a Pokémon in an allied gym, you have the opportunity to get coins to spend on items such as Poké Balls, Incense and Lure Modules. This bonus resets once every 21 hours and increases based on how many gyms you’re a part of. Not only are you getting a monetary bonus when you have your Pokémon in gyms, you’re also helping raise your gym’s prestige. Once your gym’s prestige is lowered to zero, your Pokémon will return to your party; Pokémon in gyms cannot be used as long as they’re in the gym. To get your bonus, go into the shop and tap on the shield icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Once you can get past the server issues that plague the game, these tips will hopefully help you in your journey to becoming the very best there ever was. Players should also remember to be aware of their surroundings when playing the game. You won’t be able to become a Pokémon master if you get yourself into trouble!