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Mace and Crown | May 22, 2018

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Styling Tips from Gigi Hadid

Styling Tips from Gigi Hadid
Hadid sporting her favored Adidas sneakers that compliment her simple ensemble. Pictures from left to right:,

Hadid sporting her favored Adidas sneakers that compliment her simple ensemble. Pictures from left to right:,


Photos from Hadid’s new Tommy Hilfiger collaboration.

Photos from Hadid’s new Tommy Hilfiger collaboration.


Monarch Style

Kim Bering

Staff Writer

Vogue model Gigi Hadid has mastered the art of street style. She struts urban streets clad in Adidas sneakers, Tommy Hilfiger hoodies and Revolve denim jeans. Hadid defies all rules of fashion by mixing together chic designer clothes complimented by casual sneakers. Her effortless fashion emphasizes key elements of comfort and taste.


(From left to right:,


Who thought that dressing chic could also mean dressing comfortably? Thanks to Hadid, we have that option. Fashion lovers attempt to recreate the successful 21-year-old’s street style as a result of her superb insight in all things fashion. Her Model of the Year interview with Vogue points out that although she is young, her youth has not deterred her from creating contracts with Maybelline New York, Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Hilfiger.


Her own line of clothing with the well-known catwalk brand Tommy Hilfiger recently came out on September 1st. Her style circulated around this brand for some time before it was even a possibility, so her collaboration with Hilfiger perfectly fits with the brand. Hadid even has her own fragrance, “The Girl,” with the Hilfiger.


As seen in Marie Claire, the collection includes both nautical and military based staple pieces that are simple and timeless. Flared denim, sailor hats, green bomber jackets, turtleneck sweaters and stripes are key features in her personalized collection. Hadid’s choice in designs are traced back to her personal taste in clothing. It reflects perfectly on Hilfiger’s brand.


Her constant appearances on catwalks, celebrity style websites and in magazines are evidence of her long-lasting popularity in the fashion world. Hadid’s mastery of street style is specifically iconic. College students now take after her fashion insight by dressing chic and comfy on campus. Multiple stores and websites exist to help us copycat her style for a reduced price.


Hadid’s choices in tops are simple and not overly stimulating. A crucial brand to replicate this is the online fashion-favorite Zara. This international company designs pieces that are chic, eclectic and good quality for the price. This brand has multitudes of button-ups, leather skirts, trench coats and just about everything else that is stylish. Hadid’s style is not dramatic, so minimal is key.


Hadid is best known for her sneakers, but her choice in this style of footwear can be relatively expensive. However, with the exceptional quality and level of comfort that these shoes provide, they are worth your every penny. The most popular brands she wears are Adidas, Converse and Nike. She pairs them with tracksuits, graphic T-shirts, and even bodycon dresses.


The next thing to replicate is Hadid’s denim. This is a relatively easy task. Multiple types of denim can be found at your local shopping destination, MacArthur Mall. A simple light washed denim with subtle distressed tearing perfectly matches that of Hadid’s. American Eagle, Dillard’s and Express even offer sales on denim from time to time.


What better way to top off a Hadid approved outfit than with an army green bomber jacket or sweater vest? With fall and winter approaching, bomber jackets perfectly compliment the casual sneaker look. Bomber jackets also add to the reoccurring 90s trend this season. Not only will they keep you warm, but in style as well.


From runways to cobblestone streets, Gigi Hadid provides inspiration for fashion lovers everywhere. Her success and youth are an inspiration for us to keep dressing fashionably, personally and sensibly. Thanks to her simplicity and a handful of clothing brands we can afford, recreating Hadid’s style has never been so easy.