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Mace & Crown | March 21, 2018

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Monarch Race 2 Ready Program - Being a Prepared Monarch

Monarch Race 2 Ready Program – Being a Prepared Monarch


Erin Sudek
Staff Writer

ODU students now have the opportunity to earn prizes by becoming aware, preparing themselves for severe weather and taking action through the Monarch Race 2 Ready Program. Representatives set up tables in the Webb Center Lobby on Sept. 27 to talk to students about upcoming events and how to become involved.

This program is aimed to reduce severe weather risk and educate ODU students, faculty and staff members about how to deal with events such as flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow and ice.

“A lot of severe weather occurs here in the Norfolk area, especially flooding, so it’s very important for students and people who live in the area to be ready and prepared for the risks,” Eric Reed, an ODU Ph.D. student, said.

There are only three steps to being a prepared monarch, including signing up, completing tasks and earning points to win prizes.

Students, faculty and staff can register on the program’s website and begin racking up points by doing numerous tasks that encourage members to be creative in their involvement. Tasks include activities like downloading the app Waze, attending events like Service Day at community garden or other volunteer work like creating emergency kits and identifying alternative parking locations.

“Its super easy to become Monarch Ready, all you have to do is simple tasks like buy rain boots, go online and share things on social media, and things like that to be ready,” ODU sophomore Briana Bullard said.

Tasks values vary from one point to five points each depending on the category, and there is a list of those along with how many points will be earned for each on their website.

Some tasks will require evidence like a screenshot or picture, and those can be submitted to any Monarch Race2Ready social media site, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or e-mail.

By earning points, members will move from ‘baby steps’ to ‘champion,’ and the higher the rank, the more likely one is to win a prize. There is even a leaderboard that will be posted for the members with the most points and the “mover of the week” which will be posted on the website above.

The Monarch Race 2 Ready Program is a great way to get involved with the community while helping the ODU area be ready for the next flood, snow storm or any severe weather. This program was brought to ODU by students in the GEOG 306T Hazards class, MPA Association, ODU Resilience Collaborative, Virginia Sea Grant and the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency.