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Mace & Crown | February 20, 2018

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Monarch Style: Regan Harris' Trendy Boutique Apparel

Monarch Style: Regan Harris’ Trendy Boutique Apparel

<h5>Kim Bering

Staff Writer</h5>


Regan Harris, a junior doubling in communications and dance, confidently walked into Webb Center flaunting a patched green bomber jacket complimented by white Adidas sneakers. A burgundy velvet choker decorated her décolleté area, while beneath her jacket she wore a tight black tank and shorts. Harris shared her style and why she particularly fancies boutique wear.


“I would say my style is pretty unique honestly, but more trendy on top of classic,” Harris said when asked to describe her style. She focuses on not appearing too over-the-top with trendy fads but keeping things simple with classic staple items too.


A smart way to dress classic with a little bit of eccentricity is boutique shopping. Harris’ clear tote bag, velvet choker, bomber jacket and comfortable black under layers were all found in boutiques or online companies. Although her Adidas sneakers can conveniently be found in most multi-brand shoe stores, she adores the classic trend with a little bit of spunk.


Boutiques contain those essential pieces for everyday wear and unique statement items that could not be found at many other stores. They are perfect for students who desire to look chic without investing in too much prep time. Getting to class on time is important, but so is looking stylish! An 8 a.m. class is no longer a valid excuse to not look put-together.


Yoga pants and sneakers are the bread and butter of student apparel, but Harris’ interesting combination of the two along with chic accessories add emphasis to her ensemble. While the comfort factor remains present, the trendy army green jacket and choker change the outfit completely. She resourcefully utilized her comfortable clothing in a stylish way.


“I always dress as comfortable as possible to class but still try to make it cute,” Harris explained about her outfit choices. As a dance major, she tries to dress smart so she can still look fashionable both in her academic and dance classes. By doing so, she is able to twirl freely wearing a few of the same pieces in her favorite dance class.


Harris shows us that dressing resourcefully and fashionably are both attainable. Jeans, sweaters, sneakers and baseball caps are all commonly seen examples, but pairing them with different pieces make them street-style approved. Whether you are a dance major or not, finding a comfortable and cute outfit for class can be anything you want it to be.


When asked to describe the style seen at ODU, Harris laughingly answered, “Pretty relaxed, but when people do dress up, it’s all out!” Students could be wearing a comfy Nike hoodie one day and a chic Michael Kors bag the next.


Being on campus, you see a variety of styles. Preppy, relaxed, sporty, chic, vintage, grunge, quirky and even punk are seen every day. The vast amount of styles to choose from gives students the opportunity to dress in whatever they feel most comfortable in. College is the best time to find a personal style that best suits each student’s individuality.

Regan Harris is a perfect example of how to dress fashionably smart. Whether you use trending pieces like her or choose to keep things simple, finding your personal style is the most important take-home message. Harris shows us that unique style can be both trendy and classic, so use your favorites to dazzle up your student wardrobe!