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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Transforming Muscle and the Mind

Transforming Muscle and the Mind

Saamia Aslam
Contributing Writer

Old Dominion University held a ‘Transforming Muscle and the Mind’ event in Webb Center’s North Cafe on Oct. 13. There were local body building experts present at the event who informed the community on what it takes to get in shape, achieve their fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. Healthy foods such as salad, fruit, grilled chicken and protein shakes were provided.

The event started out with a “Healthy Happy Hour” where the audience members were welcomed to walk around and get food while the speakers prepared for the presentation. The keynote speaker was D’Shawn Wright, owner of the BodyByD gym and a body building champion. Other speakers included Mel Jones, who is a personal trainer, and Suzanne Renforth, who is bodybuilder.

Mr. Wright spoke about what it takes to be a fit warrior and gave the local tribes of the Amazon as an example of what a warrior could be. He spoke about how fit the warriors had to be and how they had to stick their hand in a glove full of Bullet ants 20 times to be considered a warrior. The success behind this ritual relied on mental strength rather than physical, and the message was that you have to do things more than once to produce the desired outcome.

Mr. Wright stressed that to become a champion, your mind has to be in it. The mind has to be connected to the muscle; you can’t just go through the motions. He said that you have to be focused on your goals in order to achieve them. Another thing to do for a more focused and stronger mind is to cut out negative people and instead feed your motivation and inspirations.

The speakers went on to talk about the exercises and workouts themselves. A point the speakers made was to not compare yourself to others, because everyone has to start somewhere and you can’t expect to be an expert and do everything perfectly on the first try. What works for one person may not always work for someone else, so it is best to do your own thing and find the workouts that are best for you.

Changing up routine was advised, especially if you reach a point where you are stuck physically, not making any changes with the workouts you are doing and to not forget about rest days. The audience members were told to not have an “all or nothing” mentality and that something is better than nothing.

Lastly, it was emphasized that working out should be fun and should not feel like a chore and that lack of sleep makes it hard to lose weight. As far as nutrition went, the speaker advised to eat right, drink protein shakes and to take your vitamins. The key points of the events were to go at your own pace and that your fitness journey is your and you have to find what works for you as an individual. Make it fun for yourself and don’t lose sight of your goals, then you will see positive changes in no time.