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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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The ROBORanger: An Instant Response to Crime

The ROBORanger: An Instant Response to Crime
Ross Reelachart
Technology Editor

ROBOCOPP, a San Fransico-based company that released a personal alarm device last year, has announced their next product, the “ROBORanger.” As an upgrade to the original Sound Grenade alarm, the ROBORanger is “a revolutionary way to get professional emergency response in a dangerous situation.”

Personal safety has been the core mission of ROBOCOPP since its inception. While ODU, the surrounding community and society at large have made great strides in ensuring safety, sometimes a personal safety devices is the preferred option for individuals. The original concept behind the ROBOCOPP Sound Grenade was that creating a sound, and gaining the attention of anyone nearby with its piercing 130 decibel alarm, was a more effective danger prevention than a retaliatory method like pepper spray or a stun gun.

ROBORanger ups the ante on its crime prevention philosophy by including a built-in security dispatch that activates alongside the alarm. When the pin is pulled on the device, an alarm sounds and an alert is sent to a security center that contacts local authorities, without the user needing to make a call or do anything else. The technology behind the instant alert is patent-pending and supposedly works “fail-proof against battery drainage or an out-of-range smartphone.” As a much-appreciated addition, the dispatch method also does not track the user, and the user’s location is secured and encrypted until the alarm is sounded.