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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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ODU's Huey Supreme Follows His Dream

ODU’s Huey Supreme Follows His Dream
Seena Khalil
Contributing Writer

Huey Supreme performed for the first time in his life at an open mic night in the Webb Center. Overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness, he made his way on stage.

Once on stage, his mind went completely blank, and he couldn’t remember any of the words to his song. People in the crowd began cheering him on, which only made things worse for him. He walked off the stage and went home in hopes that everyone would just forget about his performance.

Huey Supreme, legally known as Jesse Boone, is a well-known artist at ODU. He is not a typical rapper. The 21-year-old avoids the mainstream approach of rapping about girls, money and drugs. Instead, his music reflects his wisdom, rapping about experiences his audience can relate to.

The up-and-coming artist’s soulful and groovy sound and distinct voice set him apart from his contemporaries. Huey steers away from cursing in his songs. He feels vulgar language will cause listeners to steer away from the deeper meaning of his messages.

“I want your parents, grandparents, everybody to be able to listen,” Huey said.

The rapper knows what he says is a direct reflection of who he is. When discussing the content of his music, he said that he wants to be the type of artist that people can turn to for guidance.

His song “City We From” is a great example of how Huey encourages a positive message through his music. This is highlighted by the lyrics, “I see you grinding dog / I swear that we gon’ see the top / That silver lining is perfect timing cause you stay away from them cop cars and that block dog / They can’t call your momma / keep Jesus armor proper.”

Music is Huey’s passion. Despite being a full-time student and having a job, he spends his free time vigorously improving his craft. He describes his love for music as a “burning desire in his heart.”

The artist’s upbringing molded him into the person he is today, polite and soft-spoken. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina and raised in Portsmouth, Huey is a middle child. Even though he’s away for school, he’s family oriented and still visits his loved ones every Sunday.

His brother, Joseph, also visits him. Huey says that even though his brother is younger, he looks up to him. The love and bond shared between them is made evident by the way he smiles and watches his brother joke around.

Huey comes from a very caring and generous household. His family allowed two of his less fortunate friends to move in with them and live in his room. The family then built him his own room in the garage of the house. With his newly built room, Huey started creating music. At that time, all he had was his laptop and a microphone that lead him to record his first song, “Heard em Ask,” released on his 18th birthday during his senior year of high school.

Huey Supreme sees college as a networking opportunity. He met his group of friends, referred to as eleven01, on campus. The group’s name originated from the housing complex that they live together in. The location is more than just a room number to them.

Instead, it’s where he and his group of friends came together and all began to follow their respective dreams. In a way, their passions are intertwined: sound engineering, videography, accounting and more.

When describing his friends, Huey said, “My close friends make up where I lack. That’s why I cling to them so hard.” They all help one another with their crafts. At ODU they have formed a bond that will last forever.

Although Huey was initially anxious about performing, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to become the artist he wanted to be if he didn’t overcome his stage fright.

One particular moment that helped him overcome his anxiety was meeting and having a short conversation with Mac Miller at a local show. Hearing Mac Miller say that he “threw up before every show for a year” gave Huey reassurance. It reminded him that stage fright is normal and only temporary.

Huey’s next show at Shaka’s was successful and became a turning point for his music career. He improved his energy and confidence, allowing for an overall amazing performance. After that, he had a total of five shows that month — all successful.

Huey Supreme’s fanbase continues to rapidly grow as he continues to perform and release new content. Social media has played a big role in his expansion as an artist. He’s humbled by how much progress he has made but will never be content. He plans to continue learning from the people around him and building his brand as a rapper.