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Mace & Crown | March 20, 2018

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Rent Ready Coming to ODU

Rent Ready Coming to ODU

Erin Sudek
Staff Writer

Rent Ready Norfolk, a new program to help renters and landlords improve living conditions in communities in the Norfolk area, is coming to ODU’s campus to hold events for students and residents alike.

According to Lauren Lowrey, a management analyst in the Department of Neighborhood Development, the city has talked to ODU student organizations to bring together different events that will help educate and aid renters and landlords.

“These events are opportunities for students to come out and tell us their problems so that we can provide help or resolutions for whatever they are facing,” said Lowrey.

Events include Rent Ready Norfolk Pop-Up Centers, a series of informational sessions about knowing the rights that renters have, and also Walk and Talks around the area.

RRN Pop-Up Centers will be held in the front lobby of the Webb every Thursday during activity hour until December 1. Students will be able to report any rental issues or problems, ask questions and receive advice or resolutions to their problems.

Students may also learn about the other aspects of the Rent Ready program, the Office for Off-Campus Student Life, and learn about other information regarding renting, crime prevention and fire prevention.

The informational sessions that the Department of Neighborhood Development and ODU’s Office for Off-Campus Student Life will be holding are to take place in the Webb Center during activity hour as well for ODU students. Specific locations and dates can be found below.

Students will discuss various topics each week about their rights and being “rent ready” before signing a lease. During some of the sessions, there will be a lawyer present to answer any questions or concerns. Free pizza will also be offered.

Finally, there will be Walk and Talks with the ODU Police Department conducted on the first day of each month, where students can join in on discussions about Rent Ready Norfolk, crime prevention and other resources the ODU Police Department provides. The walks will go around neighborhoods such as Highland Park, Lamberts Point, Edgewater and Keningston.

RRN also plans to give brief informational presentations to various ODU student organizations, large and small, about the Good Neighbor Campaign and what they can do around ODU to make students more engaged and a part of the surrounding community.

ODU students should join in on Rent Ready Norfolk to become better neighbors and educated renters, and improve the quality of ODU’s off-campus life. They’re next scheduled event is ” My Landlord Didn’t Fix It: What To Do Next?” on Nov. 29 in the Future Monarch Room.