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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Helpful Habits for Fashionistas

Helpful Habits for Fashionistas
Kim Bering
Staff Writer

Every fashion lover has a habitual routine that impacts their style on a daily basis. Looking put together doesn’t just happen naturally. It takes thought and effort. There are some tips that can help us begin to cultivate useful habits.

First of all, make sure you allow yourself an ample amount of time to get ready in the morning. #IWokeUpLikeThis should not be a daily excuse for leaving the house in sweats. Waking up early enough to style your hair and clothing is a necessity. Maybe plan for enough time to grab a cup of coffee on your way to class too.

Being fashionably late is not appropriate for every day. The next helpful tip is to plan your outfit the night before so you can walk out the door at a reasonable time. Australian Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr takes her morning routines seriously. She preps important outfits the night prior to meetings or special events.

“I plan my outfit the evening before, so I know in the morning what I’m wearing and what I feel confident in,” Kerr told Vogue magazine.

Checking your favorite social media apps the night before is a useful way to get outfit inspiration. Pinterest, Instagram and fashion blogs are filled with creative ensembles to replicate in your own way. It is also a method of staying in tune with different trends.

Next, dress smart. Plan to wear an outfit that is comfortable for the day ahead of you. Dressing comfortably, yet stylishly is easy to achieve as a student during the fall. Wearing practically anything is permissible, but you can never go wrong with a pair of favorite jeans, a comfy cable knit sweater and flats.

Donna Karan, creator and designer of the fashion DKNY brand, highly agrees with versatile fashion. She also acknowledges the daily challenge of choosing an outfit.

“Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable,” Karan has said.

Another way to dress smart is to prepare for the weather. It sounds so simple, but it takes less than 10 seconds to check the weather app. It can make the difference if you need to bring a raincoat or a warm sweater with you. Staying warm and dry makes life easier, so check the daily forecast.

A statement jacket makes an outfit in the fall. Especially when wearing a bomber jacket. This is a stylish way to keep warm against the breezy chill on Hampton Boulevard. H&M, Francesca’s and Forever21 have a wide variety starting at $25.00. All of these stores are conveniently located at MacAurthur Shopping Center.

And for the days when you are simply not having it, putting on a graphic t-shirt that explains your struggle is perfect for that occasion. Prints that read, “Caffeine Made Me Do It,” and, “Nope Not Today,” are everywhere in Francesca’s for under $25. They are a fun and comfy way to be casual.

Lastly, it is essential to plan enough time to get a cup of coffee. Every New York girl or blogger knows how to use coffee as an accessory. Not only will the caffeine give you a morning jolt, but carrying a Starbucks cup with subtle lipstick marks looks very chic. It is also highly convenient for snapping a quick Instagram picture on the way to class.

Do yourself the favor by planning ahead and waking up on time. Everyone has those off days when all you can muster is a hoodie, but preparing your outfit in advance will help you maintain your student style.