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Mace & Crown | April 24, 2018

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Monarch Style: What to Buy in Boutiques

Monarch Style: What to Buy in Boutiques
Kim Bering
Staff Writer

Boutique shopping is a great way to find eccentric clothes. Most of them have clothing, accessories, home décor and gift items that are not commonly seen in other stores. The unordinary items found in boutiques can diversify your wardrobe and make for personalized, fun gifts.

When shopping for clothes, the best thing to buy at boutiques are items that you would not normally invest in. An effective way to make your wardrobe stand out is to look for interesting pieces, especially accessories. Boutiques have a unique style of eclectic items that could not easily be found in a popular chain of stores.

One of the best online boutiques to shop at is Shoptiques. It is only featured in large cities like Paris and New York, but their online store is easy to access. This website allows either browsing clothing by category and price or by selecting a particular brand to shop within. Shoptiques offers clothing, home goods, sale items and accessories. They stay on top of popular trends and sell them at reasonable prices.

Shoptiques specialize in balancing the mixture of unusual, simple and specialty clothing for your wardrobe. This website features many on demand trends, but they also keep a variety of basic items that are meant to last more than one season. Having a handful of trendy items and a multitude of staple pieces ensures lasting style.

Boutiques also specialize in eclectic accessories and jewelry. One of the most popular jewelry trends this season are heavily embellished initial necklaces. These artsy pendants are meant to be personalized by having your initials in large calligraphy letters.

These interesting pendants can be found at Francesca’s online or in store for $22. The curly font differentiates these necklaces from other standard initial necklaces. They add a personal emphasis to a plain sweater or shirt without looking too ostentatious.

Another handful of things to buy at boutiques this time of year are gifts. Little knick-knacks and crafty items make fun and personal presents for someone. The Hot Pink Daisy is the perfect location that offers a wide range of gifts for special occasions. This boutique can be found online or in stores at 4410 Colley Ave. in Norfolk.

Junior Emily Diehl works at this friendly boutique. She loves the relaxed and “go with the flow” atmosphere in this locally owned store. She believes that privately owned boutiques are much more special than working for a large chain.

“I love the idea of shopping local and featuring local artists’ unique designs,” Diehl said.

The Hot Pink Daisy features several local artists’ collections and also popular brands like Lily Pulitzer. They specialize in gifting for any occasion like graduations, weddings, birthdays, mother’s day and other holidays. They also have a monogram shop for more personalized items. Jewelry, purses, pillows, home décor, key chains and even men’s grooming kits can be monogrammed.

Another local boutique that offers accessories and fun gift items is With Lavender and Lace. This quirky online vintage shop features handmade floral phone cases that are dried and pressed with real flowers. It also sells various hair bows and other accessories for the girly trend lover.

This quaint boutique also has a blog that promotes seasonal look books for vintage outfit inspiration, artsy photoshoots and other featured merchandise.

Norfolk has a multitude of quaint and friendly boutiques to choose from. They are the perfect spot to browse for clothes, gifts and quirky little knick-knacks. These online or in-store shops promote the uniqueness of boutique fashion. They circulate around the expression of style through artsy pieces.