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Mace and Crown | May 22, 2018

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'Mr. GQ Blue Scholarship Pageant': Politics Never Looked So Good

‘Mr. GQ Blue Scholarship Pageant’: Politics Never Looked So Good
Briel Felton
Contributing Writer

In an interview with Elexiss Allison, the first vice president of the Rho Nu Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., it was said that the “Mr. GQ Blue Pageant” began in the early ‘90s. The vision was to have a male version of beauty pageants because they believed that men needed to be celebrated and uplifted as well as women, giving them confidence, public speaking skills and the gift of friendship. The pageant continued to thrive for this year’s 13th annual pageant.

In the political-themed pageant, there were two contestants. Contestant number one was Drew Alexander Johnson: Swing State. He is a sophomore and is a criminal justice major. Contestant number two was John Royal: Foreign Policy. He is a junior and is double majoring in philosophy and political science. The judges of the event were Katherine Pereras, the advisor for the undergraduate Rho Nu Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta, and Theo Perry, who was the first runner-up for the Mr. GQ Blue Pageant in 2012.

For the “Business” portion of the event, Johnson wore a gray twill blazer with brown patched elbow pads, black slacks, black shoes with brown soles and a lavender pinstripe button up shirt. Royal wore a gray blazer, a crisp white button-up shirt, black slacks, a multi-colored striped tie and tan leather shoes.

For the “Talent” portion of the event, both performed musically. Johnson performed a piano medley. He began with Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” which then blended into Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” and lastly into “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. Royal sang “Someone Like You” by Adele and incorporated phrases in French into the song.

For the “Intimate” category, Johnson walked on stage in a dark, silk pajama ensemble, slippers and a grey tank top. He then took a wine glass and proceeded to pour sparkling grape juice in the cup. Royal came out in black and red checkered pants, suspenders and a bow tie. He tossed roses to the crowd.

The “Evening Wear” portion was as sleek and suave as the contestants. Johnson, who was escorted by Miss Aiyanne Payne, wore all black from the torso up with a black and gray tie, gray slacks and black shoes. Royal, escorted by Miss Asia Winston, wore all black from the torso up with a striped tie, gray slacks and black shoes. The contestants remained on stage for the debate portion of the evening.

The judges asked four questions: What skills do they have to help society? What woman, besides their mother, has had the biggest impact on them? Do they think our elected government officials should be held accountable for the decisions they make? If they had the opportunity to have dinner with President-elect Donald Trump, what would they discuss? Both contestants answered to the best of their abilities. After deliberation, the contestants took the stage one last time. The first runner up, Mr. Rho Nu, was Mr. John Royal, leaving Drew Johnson with the title of Mr. GQ Blue.

The pageant was a success. It is wonderful to see young men take the spotlight and showcase their talents, ambitions and diligence. It was apparent these two men worked very hard to get to this point, and Mr. GQ Blue and Mr. Rho Nu are titles worth having. The whole event was one filled with laughter, entertainment and smiles.