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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Best Places For Moms to Unwind During Finals

Best Places For Moms to Unwind During Finals
Jacie Litz
Staff Writer

Finals week is a stressful time for any student, and even more so for student moms. On top of tests and final papers, moms also have to worry about doctor appointments, running kids around to activities and finding something for supper. With all of the increased stress, student moms need an escape. This list provides a few places close to campus that will help you find those quiet moments.

1. Borjo Coffeehouse
Borjo is a staple for many students. Located just a short walk from campus at 4416 Monarch Way, the coffeehouse is the perfect place to grab a comfy chair and a great cup of joe. Borjo offers a variety of sandwiches and wraps for a quick bite. They also have teas, smoothies, beer and wine to quench anyone’s thirst.

2. La Herradura Mexican Restaurant
Another quick walk from campus is La Herradura, or “La H” to many locals. Located at 4220 Monarch Way, this Mexican restaurant offers delicious hot meals. The sizable space never feels crowded and service is fast. To help unwind, order one of their large margaritas. Offered frozen or on the rocks, their specialty drink works wonders for any stresses.

3. The Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Gallery
Free admission and located across the street from Borjo, this gallery offers interesting art and a calming atmosphere. Even though the space is small, not many students know about the gallery. With almost no crowd, one can enjoy the peace and quiet while appreciating the variety of art.

4. Lactation Rooms
Many moms at ODU have no idea these rooms are available for students. Located throughout campus, reservations can be made for breastfeeding moms. The rooms are functional and offer privacy for expressing breast milk. Reservations can be made online or calling the Student Outreach Services.

5. Virginia Zoo
The zoo seems like an unlikely place to unwind. However, with 53 acres of space and uncommonly warm weather, the zoo is a perfect place to de-stress. Located just minutes from ODU, the zoo offers free admission to Norfolk college students. The fresh air and animal exhibits provide a great distraction from finals.