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Mace and Crown | May 20, 2018

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Future's 'Used to This' Builds Anticipation for 'Beast Mode 16'

Future’s ‘Used to This’ Builds Anticipation for ‘Beast Mode 16’

Alexa Mann
Contributing Writer

The lyrics, “Mexicano, working like I’m Mexicano,” open to Atlanta rapper Future’s hit, “Used to This.” Featuring Drake, the track was produced by the legendary hit-maker Zaytoven. “Used to This” is from the highly anticipated upcoming mixtape, “Beast Mode 16.”

“Beast Mode 16” has not yet been released, though according to Zaytoven, it was anticipated to drop sometime in late 2016. Zaytoven told Complex that he and Future had been working very hard on the tracks and are confident that the “mind blowing” mixtape will be a hit.

The producer also disclosed that “Beast Mode 16” will feature more from Drake. Though this information is exciting for fans, it does not come as a surprise seeing as both Future and Drake coalesced their musical talents for the collaborative mixtape, “What A Time to Be Alive.”

The lyrics on “Used to This” capture the imagination of the stereotype that Spanish and Hispanic individuals are the hardest working race in the U.S. Throughout the song, Future continues to rap about himself as being hardworking, and we all know hard work is what brings in the money.

The introduction of the song allows the listener to envision the lyrics that follow to be of great achievements, mostly in the form of luxury items such as cars and clothing. “Drop-top Porsches, I’m so used to this / Mansion in the hills, I got used to this,” is a list of achievements Future has attributed to his work ethic.

Though the artist consistently raps about materialistic things, there are some humbling words that the rapper showcases.

The lyrics, “Beat the odds and remain humble,” are words of encouragement and are somewhat unexpected from Future and many other rappers. The lyrics relate to the listener, explaining his story of humble beginnings and growing up somewhere where that might have been difficult to make it out of. Future grew up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, but he didn’t let that hold him back from following his passion. Even so, these words come off as contradictory at times because though he brags about being humbled, he also boasts his materialistic possessions.

As for Drake’s feature, most of his lyrics are both humbling and less aggressive, which is nothing new for the artist. At the beginning of the song he starts off with soft vocals, then picks up a little aggression toward the end. Drake closes his cameo rapping, “I’m with everyone that I was here with in the first place / Making sure that they all good before they close the curtain.”

The single’s instrumental is different from most of Future’s tunes, featuring piano notes that keep the beat interesting and the listener’s attention. The sound is new for Future, thanks to beat-maker Zaytoven. Anticipation is high for the mixtape “Beast Mode 16,” and it is predicted that the drop will have hip-hop fanatics from all over the world buzzing.