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Mace and Crown | May 21, 2018

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Inauguration Day: The Religious Response

Justin L.C. Ross
Contributing Writer

A time of transition has arrived for our nation with the presidency of Barack Obama ending and many Americans across the country, Monarchs included, are experiencing feelings of apprehension for the unforeseeable future. In this time of fear, however, an instance of unity and renewed hope in our future took place on campus on Jan. 19. Representatives from many cultures and faiths, including several denominations of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism, took the initiative to offer words of needed encouragement from their spiritual faith perspectives to an audience of intrigued Monarchs gathered together on Kaufman Mall.

“This event was made up of people of all faiths coming together to pray for this country, with this transition,” Father George Prado said, representing the Catholic faith.

This was indeed the case as the event progressed from the symposium structured around the Monarch Creed, which States:

“Make personal and academic integrity fundamental in all my endeavors.

Offer service to the University and the Community.

Nurture a climate of care, concern, and civility to others.

Accept responsibility for all my actions.

Respect the dignity, rights, and property for all people.

Commit to the ongoing pursuit of intellectual and personal development.

Heighten my awareness of individual and cultural similarities and differences.”

The sincerity of the message was refreshing to all present, especially after an emotionally charged presidential election, which has left many people with a feeling of divisiveness and hostility, instead of friendship and brotherhood as Americans.

Attendees were inspired by the message of hope that was delivered with such simplicity and conviction. The program ended with each faith offering a prayer for our country, for themselves and for each other.