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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Top Places to Visit on Campus

Top Places to Visit on Campus

Fatima Rivera
Contributing Writer

Being new to ODU can be a major adjustment for students who aren’t from Hampton Roads, or even for those who simply haven’t explored everything our campus has to offer. For those that have been here for awhile, perhaps you may need to find some new things to do. Luckily, our campus has many locations where anyone can go to relax or hang out, whether it be to enjoy an unusually warm spring day or just to forget the stress of classes.

Best Places to Relax:

Whitehurst Beach: Although it is located on the further side of campus, Whitehurst Beach runs along the Elizabeth River, which gives it a relaxing vibe that comes with a great view. There’s plenty of tables and benches at Whitehurst for you to relax at with a book or while having a picnic, and a pier that allows you to walk down and dip your feet in the water. There is also a volleyball court with sand and the Ranger Course Challenge, which was recently built and designed to be an outdoor gym alternative. There’s even a dog park right next door where residents and students with pets on campus can go. With all of this right next to the water, it’s a good spot to relax after a long day, hang out with friends or even de-stress yourself with visiting dogs.

Rogers Hall Pier: Located next to the Rogers East complex, the pier is a small setting next to the river. It provides a place for you to sit and reflect on whatever problems that you have running through your mind. It’s also is a nice place to sit and relax with friends on a breezy day.

Brock Commons: The semi-stage located at the side of the village is a well-known place that anyone can hang out at throughout the day. The steps provide space for skating, performing, sketching, reading and everything else in-between. Beside the bridge is a fountain that can provide relaxing scenery and changes colors at night to provide a fun, party-like atmosphere.

Best Places for a First Date:

Perfectly Frank: This upbeat restaurant is the perfect spot for a casual first date that falls within a college student’s budget. The theme is something akin to an ’80s throwback vibe with an open grill, a bar counter and milkshakes that come in many flavors. The place also has candy bars and desserts that you can take on the go when you finish your meal.

Baron & Ellin Gordon Art Galleries: Located in The Village, the Galleries are a good place to go if you’re going for the somewhat-cliché art museum date. It features professionals and ODU alumni artists that have become well known both nationally and internationally. The theme changes occasionally, so there’s a wide range of artwork that is shown throughout the year. There’s no entrance fee for those with an ODU ID, so it’s an easy, free date for any ODU student.

Pho 79: Pho 79 is a Vietnamese restaurant in Ghent, located a few minutes from campus. The menu prices are fair and they serve a wide variety of dishes, including pho soup and bubble tea. The staff is friendly to clients and they have set up two large TVs that play sporting events to provide a casual atmosphere. Not only can it be great for a first date, but it’s also just a great place to eat out with friends before a night out in town.

Whether you’re looking for a study break, date-night spots or simply trying to find something new, these places are a great start in making the most of life on campus.