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Mace & Crown | February 20, 2018

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Vision Board Party Inspires Students

Erin Sudek
Staff Writer

Students got a chance to set goals and get motivated while getting in touch with their creative side at the Vision Board Party held by the Women’s Center and SHS Health Promotion on Jan. 21 in the President’s Dining Room in the Webb Center.

There was a small discussion on the purpose and importance of creating vision boards before students jumped in to make their own posters. Vision boards can be a useful tool that help clarify specific goals and maintain focus on attaining them. Any kind of board can be used to create and display different images that represent what you want to do.

“It’s important for students to have a plan for after they graduate or during school or whatever is in their future,” Michelle Mondrey, a junior and member of Health Promotion, said.

Many different kinds of art supplies and materials were provided for students. Various poster boards of all sizes, bulletin boards, colored pencils, ribbons and tons of glitter were just a few of the many materials that enabled students to use their imagination in making a unique board that represented themselves.

Students scattered across the room and began working on top of tables and on the floor, passing around supplies and cutting pictures from magazines. Music added to the relaxed environment that encouraged creativity and expression.

Lunch and refreshments were also provided to those who attended. Participants took home a party favor as well, which were glass cups filled with candy.

Students had a wide range of different goals and ideas, but everyone came for the same reason: to promote their own success by aligning themselves to reach their goals.

“I came to this party to help myself actually see my visions for 2017 in order to make it easier and better. Making this vision board has definitely been helpful,” freshmen Mary Williams said.

Students gained confidence and support at the vision board party learning new ways to concentrate on their future. For many, it relieved stress and gave them an opportunity to connect with their artistic abilities.

“I wanted to map out my goals and get a clear vision of where I plan on going and what things I plan on accomplishing,” sophomore Kie’Auntae Parsons said. “Actually putting it down on paper feels good.”

Making goals concrete through vision boards is a great way to start thinking about plans for the future and in promoting health and wellness, especially at the start of a new semester.