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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Monarch Style: Spring Fashion from New York Fashion Week

Monarch Style: Spring Fashion from New York Fashion Week

Kim Bering
Staff Writer

Spring weather approaches fast, but it’s not quite time to put away your winter coats and boots just yet. This awkward pre-season fashion is perplexing and makes the perfect setting for an overly crowded closet. Since New York Fashion Week 2017 came to a close, hundreds of designs are fueling the post-winter and early spring fashion mood. All of the clean cut, feminine and simple looks provide fresh inspiration for the upcoming season.

Typically, light colors and floral patterns dictate trends. However, designers this season broke that habitual mold with dark, rich hues and minimal patterns. Where there were light pinks and flowers, there were also statement pieces to balance and complement the ensemble. NYFW runways mixed chic, casual and fancy apparel.

Something that designers and fashion icons alike were seen in was fur. This was especially so with Michael Kors’ line, which revealed jackets, vests, hats and purses for their collection. This stylish way of layering while keeping warm exists for the chilly days in spring. However, Choies sells fur coats as a cheaper alternative to the $400 Michael Kors, so even us college students can replicate the runway.

One of the most prominent trends from NYFW 2017 was monochromatic color blocking, a fancy term for stacking similarly hued colors together. Ralph Lauren took a more classic and business casual approach to this method by dressing the models in tan, white, black and a few subtle floral patterns. Monochromatic color blocking combines an effortless, yet chic approach to classy apparel.

An obvious trend for spring was floral, but not an excessive amount. Designer Tory Burch used hints of floral rather than placing too much emphasizing on the pattern. This collection revealed delicate fluorescent pieces but used minimal colors to exemplify the subtlety in their collection. H&M’s most recent pieces for spring offer a wide variety of loud or gentle floral patterns for the slightly limited budget.

A unique style that is not commonly seen during the spring is metallic, but designer Carolina Herrera decorated her runway collection in distinctive modes of spring fashion. From dark sequined gowns, light pink tulle and single-shaded outfits, the color intensity and variety in every look was an inversely elegant appeal.

Designer Thakoon took a French appeal to spring fashion. This brand presented the collection in A-line skirts, light blue striped button-ups, vibrant reds and tan trench coats. These au courrant looks are preppy, clean cut and undeniably très chic. The spicy accents of red with the innocence of baby blues matches the collection’s simplicity.

This year, NYFW even got political. Designer Prabal Gurung’s collection featured empowering feminist printed T-shirts and gowns with famous women’s quotes on the sleeves. Some of them read, “We should all be feminists” and “The future is female.”

“Fashion and politics can no longer be mutually exclusive,” Gurung said backstage at his show. This collection was meant to artistically convey a sense of empowerment and strength in the current political climate.

What can we learn from designers this season? Use floral patterns, but balance it so you don’t drown your look in it. For chilly days, throw on a trench coat or fur vest. Feeling lazy? Color block a simple outfit with a blue button up and denim. For those who desire to turn heads, mix metallics and tulle for a bolder approach. Want to make an even bolder statement? Throw on a political T-shirt to empower yourself in your beliefs.

The designers from NYFW 2017 not only help to give your wardrobe variety but a sense of stylish confidence.