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Mace and Crown | May 24, 2018

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Learn How to Join the Peace Corps

Erin Sudek
Assistant News Editor

If you are looking to travel the world while making a difference but don’t have the money, the Peace Corps may be for you. A Peace Corps representative and former volunteer came to speak to students on Feb. 21 in BAL about opportunities and experiences that the Peace Corps can offer. She also spoke about other important information on the process of applying and eventually serving.

The Peace Corps is a government program that sends volunteers to various countries to tackle the problems and challenges within communities, while promoting world peace and friendship.

Peace Corps volunteers dedicate 27 months to the program. Three months are for training and two years are to actually serve abroad. Volunteers get to pick between 60 different countries to serve in and the six sectors of service: education, health, community economic development, environment, agriculture and youth development.

The application process takes approximately six to nine months and includes a formal application form, health history form, questionnaires and an interview. Those interested in serving are encouraged to do plenty of research to strengthen their résumé before applying.

There are many benefits for serving in the Peace Corps that were discussed. For example, there are no travel fees when serving abroad, volunteers receive medical coverage and students receive loan deferment during service. There is also a living stipend during time spent abroad, along with valuable training and acquired life skills.

There are event benefits held after one’s service that include a transition fund of $8,500 when volunteers return home, federal employment hiring preference for one full year, career enhancement and huge graduate school discounts through the “Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program.“

The Peace Corps is a great decision for those looking to create meaningful connections, dedicate themselves to service, gain international experiences and promote a better understanding of Americans to the world and vice versa.

There will be two more information sessions held this semester. One will talk about the application process, which will be held on March 28, and the other will be another general information session, which will be held on April 18. Both will be located in BAL 9024 during activity hour. For additional information on joining the Peace Corps, recruiters can be contacted at 855-855-1961 or email them at