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Mace & Crown | April 22, 2018

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Global Café Brings the Philippines to Campus

Justin L.C. Ross
Contributing Writer

The Global Café is dedicated to teaching and promoting the culture of different countries. For their latest cultural exploration, they chose the islands of the Philippines. The Office of Intercultural Relations, along with the Filipino American Student Association, held the event on March 16 to help teach members of the community about the cultural aspects of the Philippines, including a traditional cultural dance and authentic cuisine. OIR was represented by international initiatives graduate assistant Cara Richards, who spoke at the event and emphasized the importance of appreciating the many different cultures being represented on campus. In addition, Dr. Araceli Suzura from the Filipino American Center spoke at the event and reiterated the many diverse points and aspects of the Filipino culture.

The event gave those within the community with Filipino descent to give their fellow community members a first-hand look at the cultural of their country through various demonstrations that are common in the Philippines. One of these demonstrations was the Tinikling Dance, which was described as “a cultural dance unique to Philippine tradition that mirrors the dance of the native Tinikling bird and is often used in times of celebrations, such as successful harvests,” according to FASA president Brigette Labastida.

Members of the community were also given a chance to hear various speakers talk about the rich culture and traditions of the country from those who had originated from there. Students were able to learn new things about the country while trying its eccentric cuisine.