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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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'.Skin' by Nathan Croslin Brings Attention to Self Injury Awareness Month

Kelsey Walker | Arts & Entertainment Editor

Junior Nathan Croslin is no stranger to the camera. Using photography to capture reality in ways that others may not be able to clearly see, his latest series “.Skin” took on the task of bringing attention to Self Injury Awareness Month.

“I like the idea of someone relating to my work,” Nathan told the Mace & Crown in an interview.

Referencing the series’ title, Nathan said, “The dot signifies the fact that skin is a multitude of things. It’s beautiful, smooth, marked, light, dark, yours, mine, etc. The purpose of the title was to show that our skin means a lot, but it doesn’t make us who we are. If you ask 10 people what the dot stands for, they might give you ten different answers.”

Doing so beautifully, “.Skin” brings a sensitive topic to light.

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Lyncia Berry

The skin I’m in isn’t what defines me
It does not make me
The cuts, the marks, the burns, the scratches, mean nothing
And yet everything
I live in a world where I am judged by my skin
Not merely for its color but its texture and clarity as well
You think you know me because you see my skin
You think you know me because you believe my skin
You believe these imperfections show that I am imperfection
I am not
I live in a world where men wish to have my skin
They wish it to the point that they think they own my skin
They do not
I’ve struggled in my skin to become me
The scratches on my surface are not flaws nor blemishes
They are representations of what I’ve been through
They are representations of the pain I’ve suffered through
But no more
I will love my skin
I will appreciate my skin
Most importantly
I will treat my skin better, because I am worth it.

Photos by Nathan Croslin.

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