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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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PAX East Brings Gamers the Latest in the Industry

PAX East Brings Gamers the Latest in the Industry

Brooke Nicole | Contributing Writer

One of gaming’s biggest and innovative technology conventions in the nation was recently held in Boston over the weekend of March 10-12. The convention, which is an east coast offshoot of the Seattle-based convention PAX West, covered everything from upcoming video game releases to the newest gaming technology on the market. Thousands of gamers from all over the world crowded the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in droves. They waited in lines a mile long, with snow falling on their meticulously crafted cosplay, just to be the first ones inside. PAX East had come to town, and it was calling to them.

Aside from the multitude of panels and live streams running continuously throughout the convention all three days, every big-name gaming brand you can think of was present at PAX, such as Blizzard, Nintendo, Bethesda and more. A couple of major announcements and updates from a few triple-A gaming companies were finally revealed. TellTale Games announced that the next episode in the third season of “The Walking Dead: A TellTale Series” would be released by the end of March. THQ Nordic had quite a few new announcements to share, such as bringing some of their popular games, like “de Blob,” and “Sine Mora Ex,” back to players in remastered editions, while simultaneously giving updated release dates for both. Adult Swim surprised gamers by announcing its huge lineup of upcoming games such as “ToeJam & Earl,” “Kingsley,” and “Steven Universe: Save the Light.”

Many games and products stole the show this year, but one of the convention’s biggest attractions came from Nintendo. After introducing its brand new portable multiplayer gaming device, the Nintendo Switch, with an equally huge game release, the newest addition to the ever-popular series “The Legend of Zelda”, called “Breath of the Wild.” Nintendo let players preview more Nintendo Switch games, such as “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”, that’ll let people race and ride their way through Classic Battle Mode, bringing back some of the more classic game types Mario fans have enjoyed for years as well as some new ones. BioWare brought the latest updates with its live stream demo of its newest addition to its Mass Effect series, “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” Another popular preview took place at Blizzards booth: introducing fans of the Diablo series to a returning character and fan-favorite, the Necromancer, to its third installment of “Diablo.”

The indie games of PAX stole a surprising amount of interest in a lot of people in attendance at the convention. The Indie MegaBooth held a preview of over 80 indie games on the showroom floor, taking no backseat to its bigger competitive contenders. Devolver Digital, a better-known indie publisher, let players preview their newest projects, “Ruiner” and “Absolver,” that gained popularity at the convention quickly. Another indie game that gained attention at PAX was “Night in the Woods.” Having a booth entirely to themselves, gamers got to experience and preview the recently released game from “Infinite Fall.”

PAX continues to host multiple gaming conventions throughout the U.S., such as Pax West, held in Washington state, and PAX South, hosted in Texas, that’ll continue to bring players the latest and greatest within the industry for years to come.