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Mace & Crown | March 20, 2018

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The Latest in the Fight Over Climate Change

The Latest in the Fight Over Climate Change

Brooke Nicholson
Contributing Writer

There is an enormous amount of debate and discussion about the huge issue surrounding global warming in modern society. Is it purely myth, or stunning reality? American science has heavily pushed the fact that global warming is scientifically evident through statistics and data, while some simply do not believe in these stances about Earth’s rising temperatures.

Global warming has passed through American legislation and policy quite a few times–with little results and no one walking away from the issue satisfied with one true answer. While polls have revealed that half of Americans are “seriously concerned” when it comes to global warming, we still see multiple articles about the rise in temperatures happening every day worldwide. Without a clear and concise policy in place or change happening within American legislation, what are some Americans doing to combat global warming?

States throughout the U.S. have vowed to fight for regulations on greenhouse gasses through state policies and laws, such as California and New York. Although large groups and environmentalists vow to continue fighting for regulations and climate change policies, individual people have gone the extra mile to reverse the problem. A viral video on Facebook from October 2016 shows activists live streaming themselves manually shutting down five oil pipelines running from Canada into the U.S. This group sought immediate environmental solutions to save the Earth from a potential oil spill. Thousands protested the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built, arguing that such an enormous new pipeline project could damage the sacred land it would reside on and irreversibly contaminate local water supply.

President Donald Trump has recently ordered the federal government to discontinue fighting against the issue of climate change. Recently signing an executive order to directly oppose the slew of climate change policies enacted by former President Barack Obama throughout his eight-year term, This newest executive order will undo control on power plants and how they dispose of carbon emissions and waste into the environment. While this may not affect nearly half of the people who do not stand with climate change, for others, it is a step backward in the recognition and solution to the problem surrounding global warming.

In wake of this newest anti-climate change order, environmental groups throughout the United States have begun to oppose and act against this harder than ever by taking matters into their own hands. Environmental groups from Colorado have hired lawyers to fight Trump’s newest executive order in court, with Rhea Suh, president of the National Resources Defense council, saying it’s “a senseless act of betrayal of our national interest,” according to Inside Climate News. Many states and environmentalists have hinted in lawsuits against this order.

Environmentalists and scientists are still pushing and working towards everyday changes to help reverse the effects of global warming such as using wind turbines and hybrid cars for alternative energy, recycling plastics and using solar panels, encouraging the population to take action against this order even more than before.

Climate change is a heavy topic that has divided America more than once. Scientists and environmentalists around the nation have vowed to continue to oppose this order with solutions for a planet gradually rising in temperature that everyone should be concerned about.

  • bradfregger

    “… a planet gradually rising in temperature that everyone should be concerned about.” Really? I guess you think everyone should be worried about the supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park, or the next massive meteor that will devastate the world and cause the extinction of 95 percent of all species. My academic degree is in Societal Futures and the fear and pain caused by worrying about things like the “gradually rising temperature” is much worse for our society than any potential rise in temperature. Thank you! It’s about time someone started talking about the positives of global warming. I have been very concerned about the threat the AGW (human-caused catastrophic global warming) “scientific consensus” poses for our nation’s socioeconomic health. As a response to this potential threat I have written a paper titled:

    “History and Ignorance of “Sky Is Falling” Theories with Special Emphasis on Anthropogenic Global Warming”

    Here is a link to the paper. If you read it and believe it has value, please pass the link on to others.

    • Philip Bruce Heywood

      Looks good, reads easily, makes sense.
      I am not a U.S. citizen, and from a distance am mystified by people such as Gore, Hansen (is it?) & co.. And the con artists you document. Reckless with people’s psyche and emotions. Reckless with supposed truth. Reckless. Mystifying.
      I read Churchill’s HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLES where he endeavours to get to the root cause of the U.S. Civil War. Over a half million dead, many survivors in mental asylums, Christian bludgeoning Christian to death, brothers bayonetting brothers, ……. . No point, no purpose, no benefit, no logical reason, blacks arguably worse off, country would have been way better off if the slavery question (which was a catch-cry/front for emotional fanaticism and warm inner glows) had been answered by simply buying the ‘slaves’ out of the national budget. Mystifying. There, but for the grace of God, goes any nation. If people need to get so het up, at least find a rational cause.
      “Yes, we are in process of having a donnybrook over whether God can look after the planet!” Facts? What?? Who wishes for facts? We are saving ourselves! Get out of my way!