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Mace & Crown | February 19, 2018

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SGA Senate Brief

Morgan Engelhardt
News Editor

The Student Government Association held their weekly Senate meeting in the Board of Visitors Room Tuesday and discussed the following:

  • Campus police officer Tommy Evans gave the monthly police report. There was one DUI, one sexual assault case, two fraud cases, one burglary, five alcohol violations and five assault cases.
  • Chantal Matthews from the Women’s Center came to thank all the student volunteers who assisted with their event “Here to Freedom.” She also announced “M-POWER” and “mPULSE,” which are volunteer programs through the Women’s Center.
  • Funds were granted to the Biomedical Engineering Students Association for an “End of Semester Seminar” on April 14.
  • A one-year term limit for the office of the Chief Justice and Associate Justices was passed. Whomever takes the position will keep it for one year from the moment that they are sworn in or until the current session of SGA ends, unless they are removed or voluntarily leave.
  • The “Reserve Seat Process and Standards Amendments Bill” was passed, which states that if a senate seat is needed to represent a certain student demographic, instead of a possible vote that could table the seat indefinitely, a petition can be instituted with 100 or more valid signatures to reopen the vote for the reserve seat.
  • The “SGA Elections Commission Amendment Bill of 2016-2017” was passed, which amends the Election Commission bylaws. Now “only four applicants for each position will be selected as candidates.” Applications for positions must include two nominations from SGA members and potential candidates must attend one Executive Board meeting, one Senate meeting and shadow their prospective position for four hours.
  • Senate Bill 20, “Point-of-Contact,” was voted on to have a second reading. The bill would require student organizations to have their consultations done within a three-month period.
  • Senate Bill 21, “Stipend Bill,” was voted on to have a second reading. The bill would add language to the current Stipend Bill to better explain the tiers and their responsibilities.
  • Resolution 8, “Pots and Pans,” was voted on to have a second reading. The bill would provide pots and pans for students to use in residence halls on campus. Resident Assistants would have students checkout cooking materials and returned within 48 hours. Many who attended were confused about who would be responsible for making sure the pots and pans were sterilized after each use.

Senate meetings are held every Tuesday at 3 p.m. in the Board of Visitors Room located in Webb Center and are open to students. After attending three sessions, students are encouraged to apply to be a senator for one of the SGA committees.