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Mace & Crown | March 23, 2018

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Lil Uzi Vert Brings 'Luv' to ODU

Destiny Webb
Contributing Writer

Trap artist Lil Uzi Vert showed love to ODU this past Friday with an explosive performance at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. At only 22 years old, the young rap star is making a name for himself as one of the leading artists in today’s hip-hop game.

Born Symere Woods in Philadelphia, the rapper’s sound is heavily influenced by Atlanta trap music. Known as a “mumble rapper,” he among other rap artists like Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti have caused controversy in the hip-hop community for their rapping style. Mumble rapping refers to rappers saying “yeah” and “aye” multiple times in a song, being hard to understand and not being profoundly lyrical.

“I tell myself that I’m not going to go over 80. I say like 79 ‘yeahs’ and it works,” he joked during an interview with XXL.

He also said that adding “yeah” makes everything rhyme, no matter what it is. Whether one likes his music or not, they can’t deny he is making his presence known in the music industry. Lil Uzi also embraces other styles outside of hip-hop and even refers to himself as a “rock star,” which he proved to be Friday night.

Whether a rapper or a rocker, every accomplished artist needs a strong opening act, and senior Jesse Boone, known by his stage name Huey Supreme, was the perfect fit debuting his talents on The Ted stage, making him the first ODU student to ever do so. His sound contrasts Uzi’s, containing fast-paced rhymes and neo-soul undertones.

From Portsmouth, the 22-year-old began rapping in 2013 and has been working hard at his craft ever since. His largest performance prior was a crowd of 350 people at The NorVa. The Ted Constant Convocation Center’s 9,000 capacity meant a huge difference in crowd size for him, but if there were any feelings of nervousness, they went unnoticed. His confidence and positive energy won the crowd over and he was a vibrant start to the show.

Once the crowd warmed up, Lil Uzi took to the stage beginning with one of his most popular songs, “Do What I Want,” and everyone went insane. Knowing all of the words, the crowd sang along and danced to the music as Uzi jumped around with high energy. Hyping the crowd up even more, Uzi ran off the stage and into the audience, rapping and dancing with them, creating a huge frenzy within the stands. Students rushed towards the artist to take Snapchats and photos, and Uzi embraced all of it without flinching as he sang, “Top.”

Losing his chain in the process of the commotion, Uzi said whoever found it got to keep it. Assuming it was probably very expensive, whoever picked up that icy chain is in for a very large payout at the pawn shop. Seemingly unphased by the incident, Uzi got back on stage and continued his performance.

Uzi went on to perform a few more songs, including his part in the ever so popular song “Bad and Boujee” by Migos. Fans were elated as he premiered new cuts “Die Today” and “For Real.” Ending a quarter to ten, a few people were disappointed the show was so short, but for less than $20 a ticket, it seemed fair. In the end, students were pleased with the show and Old Dominion atmosphere was lit for the night.