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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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Monarch Music Review: 4/20 Edition

Lindsey Lanham | Assistant A&E Editor

Calling all smokers, stoners and college students alike–I have the best 4/20 music for you. Don’t be that person who can’t properly blaze because they haven’t prepared their playlist. Celebrate appropriately with the best old school rock, hip-hop and indie music to get you through 4/20. So roll your joints, folks. We have a lot to smoke.


‘Dark Side of the Moon’ – Pink Floyd

Courtesy Harvest Media

The ultimate stoner band, Pink Floyd remains arguably one of the greatest bands to ever exist. With their vast and extensive discography, it’s hard to pick a bad album to smoke to. “Dark Side of the Moon” reigns supreme, though, and can only be understood when you reach weed nirvana. At 34 years old, the album is still a nod to human life and empathy.

Dubbed as psychedelic rock, “Dark Side of the Moon” has many hits. “Us and Them” is about eight minutes full of slow rock with jazz vibes. “‘Listen, son,’ said the man with the gun, / ‘There’s room for you inside,’” sings David Gilmour. Other songs keep up the strange, quirky lyrics, such as tracks “Time” and “Brain Damage.”

“Any Colour You Like” is roughly a three-minute instrumental, which is the perfect addition for any smoker. The song gives you a chance to mellow out and relax without having to worry about what the singer is saying and what the lyrics mean.

Even better if you have a record player, “Dark Side of the Moon” has been dubbed as one of the best albums of all time. Though it’s not necessarily reliant on the extended guitar solos like traditional Pink Floyd, the album still remains hypnotic and keeps the traditional Floyd sound. With it’s cryptic lyrics and trippy music, “Dark Side of the Moon” is a feel-good, pot-smoking necessity.


‘Hash Pipe’ – Weezer

Courtesy Geffen Records

Weezer has never been shy with their unabashed, and at times just weird, lyrics. “Hash Pipe” is the drug anthem of their discography. Lead singer and self-appointed love and drug addict Rivers Cuomo sings, “I’ve got my eyes wide / You’ve got your big G’s / I’ve got my hash pipe.” It’s a basic, garage rock stoner jam that will forever remain a classic.

‘James Joint’ – Rihanna

Courtesy Roc Nation

“I’d rather be smoking weed / Whenever we breathe,” croons Rihanna in the opening lines of her track, “James Joint.” Bordering in-between fun and in love potheads and just straight up paranoid, the song is still a must for any pot-smoker. With music slow and relaxed, much like you should be, “James Joint,” is great to smoke to.

‘Young, Wild and Free’ – Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa ft. Bruno Mars

Courtesy Atlantic Records

What may be the most cliché song on the list, “Young, Wild and Free” still remains as a necessity to any good smoking session. “So we just, roll one, smoke one / When you live like this you’re supposed to party,” says Wiz making it clear that this song is about as carefree as you can get. “Young, Wild and Free” is a laid back song about being stupid and smoking weed. Need I say more?

‘Dazed and Confused’ – Led Zeppelin

Courtesy Atlantic Records

It’s not a 4/20 playlist without some classic rock thrown in. Much like the movie “Dazed and Confused,” the song is a 4/20 must. Trippy, psychedelic guitar riffs with Robert Plant’s distinctive voice, the song sends any pot smoker into a sort of euphoria. It’s the kind of song you can’t explain. Just light up and see for yourself.

‘Sweet Leaf’ – Black Sabbath

Courtesy Vertigo Records

A song that’s been passed down through the decades, “Sweet Leaf” is one of the most blunt (ha) love ballads about nothing other than weed. “I love you sweet leaf, though you can’t hear,” sings Ozzy Osbourne, making it apparent what this song is really about. Complete with loud guitar riffs and intense drum beats, the classic “Sweet Leaf” becomes a 4/20 anthem. Nothing beats a good weed love song.

‘Season Two, Episode Three’ – Glass Animals

Courtesy Harvest Records

One of the best, most underrated character tropes of all time is the chill stoner chick. Indie-rockers Glass Animals have managed to take said trope and make it into a song. “My girl eats mayonnaise from a jar while she’s gettin’ blazed,” croons lead singer Dave Bayley. The perfect song for lounging around with your girl in a sweatshirt while smoking a joint, “Season Two, Episode Three” is a great indie addition to any 4/20 playlist. The dude rhymes “mayonnaise” with “blazed.” Seriously, this song is awesome.

‘Let’s Go Get Stoned’ – Ray Charles

Courtesy ABC

What’s a 4/20 playlist without a little R&B? Appropriately named for any 4/20 celebration, “Let’s Go Get Stoned” is a traditional ode to pot. “When you work so hard all the day long / And everything you do seems to go wrong / Just drop by my place on your way home / Let’s go get stoned,” croons Ray Charles to an easy beat. The song has been around for more than 50 years, but has remained a stoner classic and must be celebrated in all it’s glory.

‘Habits (Stay High)’ – Tove Lo

Courtesy Island Records

Nothing sounds worse than adding some terrible, bubblegum pop track to your weed smoking playlist. Fortunately for you, you’re going to be high enough it won’t matter what your sober brain thinks about pop music. “Habits (Stay High)” is a great addition to any pot playlist. Lyrics like the opening lines, “I gotta stay high all the time / To keep you off my mind,” will remain as some of the best lines about smoking. Set to a simple, radio-ready pop sound, “Habits” completes every stoner playlist, especially the heartbroken ones.

‘Legalize It’ – Peter Tosh

Courtesy Columbia Records

Finally, a call to legalize it. The general public and Peter Tosh tend to agree on one thing – weed is unnecessarily illegal. So while you’re getting high with your friends on 4/20, remember to advocate for what you believe in. Smoking pot isn’t enough, act politically–and do it while Tosh’s voice is in the back of your head: “Legalize it, yeah, yeah /That’s the best thing you can do / Doctors smoke it / Nurses smoke it / Judges smoke it / Even the lawyers too.”