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Mace & Crown | April 25, 2018

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'Music on the Mall' Helps Students Unwind

Erin Sudek | Assistant News Editor

Before the advent of finals week, Health Promotion and Counseling Services put together a music-filled event that helped students relieve some stress and learn more about mental health and wellness.

Students participated in various activities, ate free food and enjoyed some tunes around the tables at Kaufman Mall on April 13. They also received a ‘passport’ that was signed after completing different activities. When all signatures were acquired, students could win a prize.

That wasn’t the only way participants could win free stuff, though. If students filled out surveys about alcohol use or completed other tasks at tables, they were offered prizes like T-shirts, sunglasses and food tickets.

Food tickets allowed students to get the popcorn, snowballs, cotton candy and other comfort foods and refreshments that were offered at the event.

“This is a good cause because a lot of students don’t know how alcohol affects their body, so it’s always important to put the information out there,” freshman Chris Spellman said.

Each table had a different educational purpose where students could learn about topics such as alcohol safety and mental health disorders. Other tables were meant for students to brainstorm different ways to cope with stress or help students figure out what type of learner they were: visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

“This is our sixth annual Music on the Mall event. I’m with Health Promotion and we educate students about alcohol awareness by doing screenings about their alcohol use and having them do the e-chug. We want them to better understand what alcohol can do and how it can affect your body,” Health Promotion’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Other health educator Cliff Winter said.

Counseling Services, however, covered stress management and mental health topics by offering interactive activities like a mix-and-match game or writing suggestions on an idea board.

Volunteers from “No Booza Palooza,” an alcohol awareness and safety movement, had their own tables set up to talk to students about safe alcohol use and offer them “No Booza Palooza” T-shirts.

“I really like to help out at events that promote alcohol awareness like No Booza Palooza or this event today because I want to promote and educate our students about healthy living,” freshman and event volunteer Damaro Grough said.

Many students took advantage of this opportunity to release stress and socialize, while educating themselves about health during the close of the semester.

“The cover music was pretty good, there were some fun games to play and there was free food so I’d say it was a good event,” senior Alex Desilva said.